*PICS* Bagseed 1st grow start to finish what do you think

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    4 plants
    3 high intesity fluoros
    2 large cfls
    tomato soil
    running 18-6
    1 fan

    this isthe first grow so tell me what you think it was all put together last minute so its not as nice a setup as id like but eh its all ive got to work with
    frome left to right is youngest to oldest

    the one on the far right i topped and it split nicely the other 3 are one step behind that on they were just topped

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  2. What are your temps?
  3. the temp of the room itself stays in the 70-78 range

    the lights are 6700k temp i know they look like there red but its the camera i used the

    plants are pretty green a few spots of yellow maybe a brown tip or two but other than that i think there doing well

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