Pics Anyone? Seed To Flower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dc5gone, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I am looking for pictures of cannabis from seed to flower, in particular; daily pictures from seed to flower. I am just trying to compare how my grow is going as far as development. I know there are different variables that determines how fast cannabis can grow such as soil, temp, ph, nutruents, light, ect.. All I am looking for is something to reference to.
    Is it normal for a sprout to grow slow? When does the growth really start to pickup? From browsing the forums and looking at everyones grow, it seems like their grow is really taking off. Starting from cotyledon leaves... 4 days later full true leaves, 6 days later, second set of true leaves, a week later 3 sets of true leave, by the 4th week it looks like a monster and boom shes taking off.
    What is the general schedule for development?

  2. Check grow journals,they posts pics (Ex: each week,each day,etc.) and write what they do.
  3. Lots if variables involved, take a look around at stealth grows, pc grows, micro, auto, etc. Hell, take a looak mine, lol.

    Take a peek at my grow @,-Round-#2#entry18188359

  4. ^^
    In your first post, your plant looks pretty big for only being 14 days, mine seems like its growing so damn slow
  5. Maybe your soil isn't as nutritious and receiving enough light.
  6. You can click my name and check my album. There is tons of pics with date stamps on them to check the progress.

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