*pics* ? about trimming fan leaves to expose secondary node undergrowth

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  1. shoul i just trim off the sets of fan leaves that do not have extra shutes in order to expose the new shoots coming out.

    My fan leaves on the second tier of nodes is directly covering and resting on about 4 new sets of fan leaves that could really bulk up my plant.

    what do you all think? as well, i transplanted yesterday afternoon, does this mean that they should not be exposed to extra shock?

    is there any particular amount i should do this? meaning like, 2 sets of fan leaves, or a few to expose all undergrowth?

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  2. No, clipping healthy leaves is never advised. That is where your plant makes its food....

    Your secondary growth will catch up, I promise. If you're really worried about it just LST it.

    Good luck!
  3. Tuck the larger leaves underneath the new growth sites. They will continue growing and your leaf will return to it's normal position. Removing fan leaves at that early isn't a good idea.
  4. i agree with the two previous posts. if you want to expose things, move it/lst it, but you'll get yourself in the end by cutting the fan leaves off, especially at the end of flowering when the plant relies on energy it invested in those leaves. keep 'em on =)

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