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Pickup - Some Sweet Island Skunk

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KansasToker, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. It's not dry at all, it's called networking, and on the internet is not the way to do it. The safest and best way is just to make friends, bring it up casually in conversation and if they don't smoke or seem weirded out then drop the subject and don't worry about it. You'll find some good shit :)
  2. HOLY SHIT! omg i live in shawnee liek 25 minutes away from lawrence n i aint ever seen or gottn my hands on somethign that beutiful omg the weed i get comes all compacted up and its pretty dank but no where near as that!! and like i said the weed i get doesnt coem in bud form like yers it comes all squashed and compacted tightly together...=[
  3. This shit's going around again, made a 3 oz pickup yesterday afternoon....VERY VERY smelly!!!!!
  4. seriously? Fuck! I lost almost all my connects in L-town once the summer hit and I'm sittin at home dry right now, it really blows. Enjoy a few tokes of the sweet island for me while I continue my search for some dank worth the money..

  5. Hey man, nice buds, going to KU next year. Ellsworth ftw :p

    Wichita has some good weed right now, if you're lookin.
  6. Nice man, have fun at KU and party it up. I lived in McCollum my freshman year. I've seen the best years of my life here in Lawrence..
  7. haha wow i'm actually gonna be in mccollum as well this year
  8. McCollum is a great time you'll enjoy it. People say the rooms are rundown but they're really not that bad. I had 7 or 8 connections for dank bud in that building alone when I lived there.
  9. Kind of disappointed I left the midwest.

    That is some fire my friend.
  10. Looks damn good! Wichita here but can get to Lawrence. Where can I find some?
  11. I got sum of dis in dallas man after 2 blunts and 3 bowls i str8 up passed out lol nice pick up
  12. Aww man that shit looks dank!:D
  13. The dorms are the place to be for bud. Hash, oliver and McCollum usually had a loads of choices to pick from. Rock Chalk

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