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Pickup 'Pine Tree Haze!' & more!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 420Bear, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. It's really some unknown dank, but when they asked what it is I said 'dunno, but it's taste like a fucking pine tree'. Everyone that smoked it called it 'pine tree haze'

    It's some type of haze, couch-lock high. Taste piney, smells piney.


    New bong, got it at some art festival.

    Name: 'Smurf'

    & Last but not least the gasmask & an eighter of some mango hazeee!


    Keep toking! ~ :smoke:
  2. lol at the gasmask

    brings back foggy memories of days long gone by
  3. had some dank over christmas break that smelled similiar but looked darker green, and my friends and i jokingly called it Christmas Tree Cough hahaha
  4. Gas mask ftw.
    Nice buds. :hello:
  5. planning on watching Toy Story on VHS when you're done? ;P
  6. that isn't a bad choice, i just got the second one and have yet to watch it frieddd..

    I just got some variation of haze, planning on posting my "pick up" later.
  7. No lie, when it gets to the part were they go into the neighbors house I get so freaked out lol :smoke:
  8. DAAAAAAAM look at that gasmask.

    TOKE IT UP HOMIE:smoke:

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