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Pickup pics... $430

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jeremysfilms7, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I paid $430 for an ounce of this haze hybrid in South Jersey.

    It is much danker than the pics make it look, I should have taken higher res pics but it was a friend's camera so I don't have access right now to more photos :/

    Honestly, compared to ANYWHERE else this is not worth nearly as much as it cost. I am sure of that based on the kinds of stuff I see people post up here. To get anything good in South Jersey prices are steep though.

    Let me know what you guys think though:

  2. Looks like some great dank. People are gonna hate on the price but if that's what bud costs in your area then that's a good pickup. Enjoy the nuggets. Strangely I've never had haze or heard of anyone around here with it, and the people I know get great name-brand headies consistently. I'd like to try it sometime.
  3. looks dank man and yea 430 is steep as fuck but hey its supply and demand. i would make that last a long ass time ahhaa
  4. Yea, it was a QP for $1750, so I had my friend buy in on it. He wanted 3 o's, so I paid $430 and he paid the rest. Normally it would have been $475 for 1 OZ which I thought was ridiculous so I had my friend buy in on it.
  5. Looks like some high mids to be honest with you, but that could be the camera. Anyways, if it smokes good then it's worth it.
  6. $1750!!!!!! thats a rip off dude, looks like some high beasters.... not to bad on your end... a bit steep, your friend got ripped tho lol.
  7. Yea man thats why I was so defensive in my original post haha it definitly looks a lot nicer than the pics turned out
  8. Supply & Demand....enjoy the smoke
  9. u got played fam..that aint even light green

    im payin 250 for a QP of Mids that look better than that

  10. light green leaves mean nothing....
  11. 430 an oz of that??!?! it should be DANKKKKKKKKKKK for that price
  12. quit raggin on the price its probably heady in good light, so if dude can get it off at 20 a g he could come up with 560, thus he'd be able to smoke about 6 grams for free. If its all personal use and he'd be payin 20 a g its still a deal. looks good to me id smoke it.

  13. yeah but different prices for diferent places man and like diff kinds an stuff
  14. I'm not saying that bud isn't dank. But if you're gonna pay those insane prices you should make sure you get something that looks a little better

    But whatever, I don't live in NJ. Have fun getting blazed
  15. That weed is good.
    Looks just like what I'm smoking on,
    almost identical to the nameless Ontario hydro up here.
    Would definitely be considered beasters.

    But come up here to Canada,
    the exact same weed for $160 an ounce,
    you'll save moneys!

  16. yeh man i love canada. especially the way u guys talk. the sophstication of the brits without bein pricks, cuz i almost never met a mean canadian, u guys are all like mad nice to everyone its awesome o like love canada:hippie:
  17. word.
  18. go to rutgers and try to get like 50 grams for 600 AT THAT PRICE i WOULD JUST SITCK WITH THE PURPLE KUSH...
  19. I live in south jerz and honestly its hard to find DANk shit. unless you kno people who grow it or can get legit name stuff its a bitch. That stuff looks good though, i dont know if i would have dropped 430 on it unless i knew the exact strain.
  20. maaaaan i live in toronto and a zip of dank bud wont run moren 260 like im used to pikin up regs for 160-180 n if i really want the premiums n the lemon hashplant n shit iil drop no moree than 2 bills damn prices in the states are wakk

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