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Pickup (Macros) Purple Bubba Kush, Hash Plant

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by calikevin87, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. #1 calikevin87, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    Got this new shipment from humboldt the other day, one of my buddies own personal grows. First here is the Hash Plant.


    This stuff is EXTREMELY stinky, sort of akin to a sliced raw onion... Only you cry tears of joy, not pain.

    And here we have the Purple Bubba Kush. I haven't seen anything this frosty in a little while:



    Man, that bubba is soooo tasty too. You can seriously taste the purple. If purple had a flavor, this would be it.

    And here's a little treat to everyone who waited for the better macro, a bit of Sour Diesel bubble hash

  2. omg, nice frosty hairy nugs :D

    smoke that shit up, still high as the sky.

  3. Ohh man that's beautiful.
    I think I have something in my eye... hehe.
  4. Here's a better shot of the Hash Plant:


    And here's a little treat to everyone who waited, a bit of Sour Diesel bubble hash:smoke:

  5. fucking amazing bro haha bravo

    i love humboldt :bongin:
  6. nice shit bro,
    nice to see someone else is smokin on some dank bubble hash as well, got an zip last night
  7. Yea, that shit puts me out. Super potent, and mixed with the hash plant its a tasty combo.
  8. Thats some killer bud man, beautiful nugs! +rep
  9. that bubba kush looks real gud, i wish i was your taste buds right about now. +rep :devious:
  10. The purple bubba kush!:eek:
    I need to find some of that asap.
  11. From what my buddy said, he won't be growing it again because it's a shitty yielder.

    Most recently he's been growing some blueberry headband, and this stuff is just as good as the purple bubs. I'll have to take some pictures and create a new thread for my most recent pickups ;)
  12. those buds are just covered in trich's!
  13. Mmm I bet those buds were tasty.


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