Pickup Luke WIlson 10 arm mini downstem Beaker

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  1. Got it for 220 at LHS. Anyone try to plug the bottom hole with these stems?
  2. nice deal. its $260 on ALT. how do you like it? i've been considering getting it. pics?
  3. Why on fukkin earth would you wanna plug the holes on the downstem? LoL sorry thats just ignorant.
  4. I was thinking the same thing....I don't think he's gonna get too many "yea I do that..." replies.
  5. Yeah, I do that

  6. no thats smart....thatll force the smoke slits in the diffy only....therefor smaller/lots more bubbles and more diffusion.....
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    EXACT fuckin thing popped in my head as soon as i read that!!!

    yes but you also forgot 2 add more DRAG...six arms is already plenty of diffusion
    which defeats the purpose of a Luke Wilson piece...in that case he shuld of gone with a crazy china tube and much cheaper
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    if there was any advantage to plugging them up Luke would have done it.
    only an ignorant noob would do that.
    prolly coz he heard from some other ignorant noob on a thread just like this one.;)
  9. If Luke wanted the holes to be plugged up cus it "makes smaller bubbles/lots more diffusion" then he would've done so from his shop.

  10. hey pero you in diego?
  11. Yeah I'm down off the 805 south, bordering chula, bonita and paradise hills. Weird spot lol. Where you at Gato
  12. I thought it was open for cleaning purposes the only difference between the bottom hole plug and not is it gets rid of the chug

  13. ohh shit ! im in chula near south western and the high school im also in national on the weekends and murrieta but stay over here in chula

  14. Lol
    Local head shop
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    It really takes the chug away Ill do a comparison video on here. Also luke's custom 10 arm stems have a plugged hole.

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