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    Another pickup thread from myself. Got myself a little grab-bag of fun things!

    At the top, some yummy hash.
    Left, that's DMT. Very excited for this.
    The capsules in the middle contain 5-MeO-DiPT. Should be a fun day with the girlfriend ^_^
    Bottom right is Opium.
    Top right is my favourite pickup of 'em all: 1.5g of delicious Molly!

    On top of all this, 'cid comes in tonight, and I'll probably be picking up another G of Ketamine.

    It should be a fun weekend. <3

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  2. MOLLLYYY! hahaha nice brotha...all I got is some Lucy right now I'll post some pics later..
  3. Dude that trumps my drug cache thread and we both have DMT!

  4. Nice man, looks like good molly. I've satisfied my own psychedelic urges for now though, just picked up 165 hits of acid earlier (at 180ug each!) and I already have .7g of molly...
  5. Very nice my man! Enjoy!
  6. Damnnnnn, have fun. By the way, I have that gameboy case too, its awesome.
  7. looks nice... always wanted to try DMT

    what is molly?

  8. powdered/crystalline MDMA
  9. epic stash man. nice baggies, u got the plug dude
  10. Maaaan. Nicely done.

    Thats a lot of freakin DMT.

    Edit: nevermind, I thought they were big baggies. :smoking:
  11. Nice stash ya got. That Molly looks amazing, makin me anxious for the Molly I'm gettin tomorrow :D
  12. If those where sandwich baggies I would of shit my pants. That would of been like 10-15g of Molly.... Uh now I'm all excited and shit :(

  13. are you going by what whoever sold it to you by saying theres 180ug in each square?
  14. Bahahahahhahhaha
  15. nice hook ups you got there. Have fun:hello:
  16. Ahh, weekend is over. Decided to bump as opposed to making a new thread.

    I don't know what it is, but I don't really get a noticeable effect from the opium. It just kinda chills me out, but doesn't really have a conscious vibe/enhancement/nod or anything. I love the smell and taste though; it's incredible ^^

    The Molly was far too sticky to put in muh nose. We tried a bit, but didn't really get anything. So, we took a lil' chunk and my buddy parachuted it. He felt AMAZING for a good few hours; he was incredibly talkative, and he said it was one of the most euphoric experiences he'd ever had. Myself, I took a bit of Molly with half a blue Koi on Saturday night, and crushed 'em up. Parachuted that first, then once I was feeling some nice vibes, took another blue koi. My girlfriend did the same. We immediately took all the glowsticks we could find and jumped in the shower. Holy shit... I've felt skin while rolling before, but this was completely different. It was ridiculous. We did a buncha random things ya tend to do while rolling, including having an underwear party with the rest of our friends (fun) and doing some nitrous (holy shit.)

    Then it got kinda odd. We were clothed, talking, and my roll was tapering off (I love the afterglow.) Smoked some weed, hash, and kief. Yummy. An hour later, I got REALLY sad. Like, MAJOR depression... That's never happened to me before. No energy; my limbs were still tingly and felt nice, but I had no motivation to get off the couch and I just felt really... blah. The fact that my girlfriend still had energy and was happy only added to it.

    That lasted for about an hour and a half, before I felt normal again. Poked some more smot, and fell asleep. Sunday was COMPLETELY normal. Usually the day after rolling, I feel completely fucked up... But I felt fine. I was energetic, happy, and peppy. I DID take a 5-HTP Saturday night before I went to sleep, so that might've helped... Otherwise, the rolls and Molly decided to rape me right afterwords instead of the entire next few days.

    Anyway, yesterday night we went to our other friends' house. We were planning on doing some acid with 'em, but they'd done it the night before and were very tired. They fed us Opium, weed, and a TON of Ketamine, and we were crawling on the ceiling. I don't remember much of that night, other than feeling absolutely amazing.

    I feel great today, now I'm alone in front of my computer, relaxing a bit. Thinking of when the best time to try the Foxy n' DMT is gonna be. Excited!
  17. I like the smiley face bags, haha. Niice pick up.

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