Pickup Line.. 2 for 2.

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Alright, this is my signature line and i will share it with you people since a lot of you suck at getting girls.

    go up to a girl.. and say "If I bought you a drink would I be wasting my money?"

    more than likely she'll be a little confused about what u mean and say "what would a drink me worth"

    then you say "if you atleast talk to me while you drink it ill feel like I had a good night"

    from there, it's all you.

    This has worked for me 2 weekends in a row.. I have a little more confidence than most people since im engaged and when i go out drinking im not actually trying to pick them up.. but i always get a smile, a nice 10-20 minute talk which usually ends in exchanging information or shooting a game of billards.

    best of luck suckaz
  2. If it works for you much ablige. I typically don't just randomly buy girls drinks though, what have they done to deserve a drink from me? More or less they'll buy me one, then its on from there.
  3. That's clean. Good to see you have a good pick up line. I might try that, cause like you i wont be tryin to pick up the girl hahaha. I got some confidence too cause i got my lady, so im not looking for anything new hahaha......i think i may have too much confidence hahaha i already got like 3 chicks from school all over me and we've only been in for a week......:D
  4. Thats the whole point.. dont buy random girls drink unless you can atleast get a conversation out of them.
  5. Bro as many laughs as I got out of that, the large hint of desperation obvious throughout the "pickup-line" makes it totally worthless to one who habitually gets laid =]

    Haha, just playin bro.

    I had quite a corny line when I was a young teenager; I would come up to waitresses at hotels, resorts, ect. and say "Hey, tomorrows my birthday and I'd be really happy if you could come and help me blow out my candles! Or if you want, you can blow something else ;]"

    That worked roughly 2 out of 9 or 10 times.
  6. Yeah its not much of a pickup line as much as an ice breaker.

    I feel you though, im just trying to keep my game sharp for when I become single again..
  7. Good stuff, good stuff.
    It's always good to be prepared.
  8. Hahaha i had a buddy actually get away with this line:

    We were at raging waters and he limped up to this HHOOTTTT lifeguard while holding his knee.....he asked for a band aid and she asked what happened...he actually vusted out with the "i scraped my knee falling for you" line hahaha she got a nice laugh out of it and it was going smoothly until he snorted while he was laughing and she just kinda looked at him weird and he walked away...

    one of the funniest things i've heard/seen lol
  9. Are you sure you're ready for marriage?
  10. I dont plan on getting married.. im engaged at the moment, but Im not ready for that kind of committment any time soon.
  11. All I do is walk up to one of the Top 3 hottest girls in the room/bar/club, look at her feet, then look up at her smiling.. then you say "wow.. your shoes would look great on my floor." Walk away.. she will come to you. No money spent. Try it next time. She will either think your a pig or be thinking wild thoughts about you until she finds you again. Take it from there
  12. What? I'm assuming you asked her, why would you ask her to marry you if you wernt planning on following through.
    Or maybe i'm getting to old, being engaged means you are planning to get married, correct?

  13. wtf you even need a pick up line for?...just flow with the chick. if a chick is attracted to you...you'll fuckin know in a quickness.
  14. your engaged but dont want to marry? cut down on the weed
  15. I was real close to neg reppin you kingpin but i decided against it.

    But thas fucked up, Get engaged when you aient plannin on some real shit?
  16. "My girlfriend's dead, you know. She fell off a cliff and died on impact."
  17. Does she know this?
  18. Yes, we want to wait until we are older and able to have a proper wedding.

    we've been together a year on the 27th.
  19. One year, wow you've been together a long time:rolleyes: Your obviously still young, why would you commit yourself to one girl for the rest of your life?

  20. I think thats why I have gotten cold feet and kinda want to be single again.. I dont know if she is the one for me.. a lot has changed in our relationship in the past 6 months.

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