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Pickup in South America

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by LatinSmoker, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I'm living in South America for a year, and I've observed that what might not look like the best weed, actually hits almost like the dank weed you'll find back home. I think it has to do with South American weed being grown outdoors.

    I got this pickup for 20 dollars. The pipe cost me 25. It hits very well. :smoke:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Looks very interesting.......
  3. That's unlike any bud I've seen before, but nonetheless, if it's near-dank status nice pickup! :smoke: Enjoy it. Wherabouts in South America are you living in?
    I have a friend who spent a few months in Peru, and he said the weed was pretty damn dank, and pretty cheap too
  4. hmm.. i see very small amounts of trichs?

    how does it taste? did you try manicuring it, then saving the trimmings for ISO wash/ hash?

    seems like a nice amount for 20.
  5. Sorry but that looks DISGUSTING.
  6. ewwwws! like omg gross throw it out
    no weed looks disgusting, it just needs a trim
  7. I'm living in Ecuador. A friend from my University got this for me. It tastes ok, like mids, I guess. Apparently the weed coming from Peru is of higher quality, so I'll try to get my hands on that later on.

    Anyway, this weed definitely made me high :cool:
  8. That white lighter made me cringe not the weed. Interesting to see what the international bud scene looks like.
  9. interesting. i guess smoke up mannnn!!!!!:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. Yea, he just needs a badass haircut :cool:, I am really fuckin baked right now.
  11. Sounds like a good deal you got going, and that bud is unlike anything I've seen before but hey if it gets you high.....:)
  12. That shit looks weird bra. Like all stringy and shit. How much did u pay for all of that?
  13. Wow... That bud really isn't that good dude, if you took a hit of that, and then a hit from dank bud, you'd tell the difference. But a good deal none the less.
  14. Very unique pickup thread, I love it when people post pickups from outside the US, thanks!
  15. Interesting looking weed...Pipe looks different...Nonetheless, GREAT pickup
  16. looks like shit
  17. That looks pretty bad. Get back to the states ASAP.
  18. that is the strangest looking weed i have ever seen! it looks like male bud but theres seeds in it i dont even know what to think!
  19. it almost looks like it could be from a wild weed plant, or even from a male plant. but if it gets you high, it gets you high :)
  20. ive seen worse herb in the states...
    that herb is prolly genetically like 2nd generation and isnt a clone..
    ancient mayans prolly smoked that plants grandmother...haha, crazy...
    i would love 2 chief that...
    toke it EAZy.

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