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pickup from new guy, help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MilkyRips, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. so i picked this up pretty recently from a new guy, and im wondering if its moldy cause of the way it looks, like there was some orange hair-looking things that i thought were just some compressed hairs but i dont know if its mold, and i cant tell if some areas are moldy or if its just trichs but i took some pics really quick with my phone, two are under a microscope with my phone up to the eyepiece, the main thing i noticed when looking at it under the microscope was that the things that looked like trichs looked more like long clear hairs than that typical kind of trich that looks like a clear little mushroom, anyway please let me know what you think cause if its not moldy im tryna smoke it :smoke:

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  2. hard to tell but you can smell it to make sure. looks like shwag though lots of seeds and huge stems...
  3. it really didnt look that bad when i got it, it was a bigass bud but i started burnin through it and this is what i have left, it occurred to me that it could be moldy, i dont know it just looked kinda weird, but it wasnt that stemmy when i got it, cause there was way more bud on it, but i broke it off and smoked it, so theyre are a lot of stems left over
  4. Yea man it looks like he sold you a bag of sticks. :eek:
  5. believe me, when i got it, one bud weighed like 5 g's and had plenty of weed on it, ive smoked a lot since then, im just wondering if its moldy so i know whether or not to keep smokin it or not
  6. I thought it was a bag of shrooms from the thumbnail pic.. But it looks fine, just smoke a little bit at a time to see if its okay. It will not kill you to smoke a little mold.
  7. You already smoked the whole thing except the ass end and then you ask if its moldy? If you aren't dead yet, you should be fine bro..

  8. But some molds can be very harmful. There are some that are almost lethal.
    My friend's father was sent to the hospital as a kid because he smoked moldy weed; although he was sent in under the impression that he had a 'marijuana overdose' :laughing:

  9. Sounds like some good shit
  10. Looks like whoever harvested fucked up
  11. You gotta be kidding me. This so called weed is much more harmful to your health than any mold. it's no wonder you wonder if there's something wrong with it. Just look at it.
  12. What are you talking about. INHALE

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