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Pickup from Maine.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by StrangeBotwin, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Here is the last bud from the 1/2 O I picked up.
    I don't know the strain details but it's got a very nice taste and high to it.



    Size comparison

    My Chillum. Love it to death.


    And finally the view from my house in Maine. On a clear summer night you can watch boats riding around the lakes in the distance.

    I will be picking up another half soon. I'll be sure to take pics of the whole bag this time.
  2. Nice to see another Mainer. Wherabouts in Maine if you don't mind me asking? And oh yeah that looks like some bomb nugget.
  3. Real good looking Nug there--

    Nice view too! How much snow did you guys get there last night?
  4. Looks juicy as hell.
    Enjoy it. :smoke:
  5. I'm down near the Farmington area. We barely got 8 or 9 inches. I was hoping for more because the warm weather we have been having has melted most of it. That driveway was all dirt, a very depressing sight for a snowboarder to see in february.
  6. Some good lookin nugget, and an awesome view from your house. I'm jealous. :smoke:
  7. that chillum is so fuckin sick man + rep
  8. Where do you board? I usually go up to Mt. Snow, Waterville, Loon and Jay's Peak.

    This spring break I am going up to Tuckerman's. :smoke:
  9. looks good, id love to have a half of that shit...

    how was the high?
  10. **down to tuckerman's

    Tuckerman's is pretty sweet, been there before but never skiied it.
  11. nice to see another mainer. that bud looks delicious man, how much did it run you?
  12. I'm a sugarloafer but i ride everywhere around maine. Saddleback, Sunday river and even the small mtns hidden around. I went to loon last year and it was great.

    And to Starsky it ran me 150 for the half. I've never been too picky about prices as long as it's good bud.
  13. very sick location man...and good looking nug too, coming from a snowboarder who lives by the city in new should be happy you have at least that much snow...I have to drive 3 hours before i can have a decent ride...but like i said...good shit man...+rep
  14. Man, I rarely find good nugs back home (Sagadahoc County, area) but it's a nice suprise when it comes around. Good to see a couple Mainers, enjoy!
  15. Thanks guys. Good to see people reppin' Maine. It's a great place to live.
  16. nice looking bud, im in southern maine right now, but am going to UMO next year!!
  17. I know the area well. Got a cottage on Clearwater Lake.
  18. Props for the SOJA on the Ipod!
  19. I have a chillum that looks similar to yours.

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