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[Pickup] Dutch Passion Blueberry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mr. Soul, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Last night my friend dropped off these beautiful sweet buds. They smell sickly sweet, like overripe fruit. Super smooth smoke.

  2. sexy.

    I MEAN UHH....nice
  3. One word - Cannaliscious! :hello:
  4. These are ohh so sweet. Blueberry Juicy Jays to match.
  5. Beautiful forestry.:smoke:
  6. The first pic looks so fucking dank. Enjoy, man. Enjoy.
  7. I've decided it's better through glass. A/Ced, diffused, then past the ice? OOOoohh-weee.
  8. wow, that just makes me horny
  9. Here's the kicker... I got a zip for 200 bones.
  10. nice does it taste like real blueberries?
  11. i want to make it into a carpet and roll around in it sexily

  12. nice shit bro
  13. sorry for the repost...but +rep on price bro.

    That's just how it is here.

  14. smells like overripe blueberries sort of– definitely some kind of fruit. It tastes vaguely like blueberries on the exhale, so I suppose so, yes.

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