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    Hey GC! :wave:, well tonight i decided to go pickup some more rolls and some weed today. And i bought the same rolls that i got when i thizzed for my first time. And these are some dank assss rolls. So i'm wondering is weed+rolls good? Some people told me that it makes you wayy to paranoid and other people told me it increase the high to a whole new level.

    rolls and some weed (had to cut most of the weed out of the pic because i tried getting a macro of the weed and rolls but it didnt quite work out.)
  2. looks like a good time
    how long since your first time on ex?
    if its been a while those might not be the exact same pills
  3. Nice dude, never tried xtc yet most of the shit is cut with meth out in Arizona >.> so I jsut pass on it.

    what type of buds?
  4. ex can be cut with anything anywere my man
    get a test kit or get rolls from somone with a good rep

    i finally got a good connect for rolls
    none have been bunk thus far :)

    i wish the bud was out the bag

  5. Been like 2 weeks. But i got it from the same guy and he has like a batch of 100. But idk. I will find out soon though! :hello:.

  6. just some no name mids. But i havent smoked in a while because I was on a t-break. So I will prolly get high.

  7. yeh I know it can be cut with all kinds of shit, but seeing how AJ is like one of the highest meth producing cities in the country... Most of that shit here is cut with meth >.<
  8. in my experience i usually smoke weed anywhere from 30 minutes-hour before dropping and i don't smoke again until after my peak. peaking on bud and peaking on the roll at the same time is kind of a waste imo and seems to dampen the effects of the roll.
  9. Weed and rolling go hella well together. When I thizz I usually have a half ounce of shake that I use to just smoke through the night, so I don't go through my regular stash. And hella cigarettes too. I love smoking while rolling.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. it feels hella good to smoke some herb when your rollin bro, do that. i came across pistols in the Seattle area jus recently too they were legit lol

  11. hahah yea there seems to be alot in Seattle now. Which is good. I guess I'll experiment cause i got some rolls. Does it make the roll trippier? like what are the effects? I cant really imagine rolling+weed.
  12. it just intensifies the experience, it's not some mind-blowing idea that weed + thizzen = way better
  13. Usually the rolls that are white with black dots- such as the ones you got - those black spots are heroin. The rest may be some good molly since it's undyed.

    Just be aware.

  14. nahh.
  15. wait til you start coming down to smoke
  16. Smoking weed on rolls is amazing. Doesn't even feel like your inhaling any smoke at all.

  17. hahah no its not. It's just some small amounts of weed because i had the pills in a bag that i had weed in before. All i have to do to get it off is just wipe it with a Kleenex.
  18. dont smoke till after your peak it'll bring it back a little
    not that it hurts, you just dont really need it at least not me
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    I've heard nothing but good things about glocks :yummy:

    It costs something like 300x more to put heroine in a pill than mdma..so theres never heroine in rolls that'd be just stupid.
  20. OP, THC + MDMA would be the shit. Ive never had the opportunity to mix them but I would definitely take advantage of one if I had it.

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