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Pickup: 3 Flavors of Dank (Pics) *No 56k*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NorwegianMafia, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Here are three different pickups of unknown dank I have gotten in the past couple of days.

    #1. Pretty trich'd out gram my roommate gave me. Smokes really smooth but doesn't really have a distinct smell or taste. It's definetely the most potent of the three.


    #2 Paid $50 for an 1/8. It's too damn leafy so I'm glad I only got an eighth. Earthy smell with a spicey taste. High was decent but short lived.


    #3 Newest pickup, got a 8g's of this stuff last night for $100. It smells sooooo skunky, I thought a RA was gonna bust down the door when my friend brought in the OZ. Tastes predictably like skunk with some fruity undertones. By far the most aromatic of the three but in the middle as far as potency goes.

  2. killa killa nice buds
  3. Thanks man, I'm high as a kite right now. :bongin:
  4. Back to the top. :bongin:

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