Picking What Weed To Grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Drugs Bunny, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I'm going to have around 3-5 plants but only 2-3 types of plant, I was looking at a lowryder simply because it would be complete from seed in such a short amount of time and this would keep me with a weed supply. For the other one or two plants I would like something strong as I have a high tolerance but smell is going to be an issue (i will use a DIY carbon filter).

    Any help at all would be appreciated :)
  2. are you looking for fems or regs?

    do you enjoy upper hit "the town" highs or more couchlock "gimme the controller" stones ?
  3. I'd prefer a deep indica body high :)
  4. So grow what you like to smoke? There are so many types of strains of each (Sativa, Indica and Hybrid)....everybody grows for different reasons.

    I'm personally growing White Widow and Pineapple Kush...both are a Sativa hybrid with a high THC. This is what I prefer, so this is what I grow....
  5. Herijuana from Sannies seeds ( if you want regs)

    just Google Sannies. Herijuana (IBL) is in under the "Sannies seeds" tab on the left @ Homepage.

    or Black Sugar from Femaleseeds.nl ( if you want fems)

    these are available at most seed banks, like Attitude, Single Seed Center, Sea of Seeds, The Seed Boutique.

    sorry i'm not really an Auto guy .. so I'll leave those suggestions to others, with better experience

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