Picking up smoking during a relationship

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  1. I've on and off been a social smoker since the beginning of high school, but I've just recently started regularly. My gf has a problem with this, so basically I have to hide it from her.. Which ends up pissing her off when she's caught me. I feel like I get her point, but at the same time I'm my own person.

    Dunno, she's making a big deal out of this.
    what do you think if your s/o did the same?
  2. My ex and I both smoked, but oddly it didn't work. I couldn't even smoke with him so much because it was just off doing that. I think that you should just discuss this with your gf and lay it out for her like that...let her decide to take it or leave it and you make the choice if your gon have that come between you n your gf. I say smoke till you have bigger responsibilities like children n marriage. lol
  3. My advice is to simply don't lie to her because that just fucks shit up. One lie leads to another, then another, and then on and on it goes until you hate her very presence. Tell her it's just grass and it helps you unwind from a hard days work. If she's a real bitch she'll make you choose btw the herb and her. Then you gotta make a choice. Most people would disagree with me but I always choose grass over ass.

    Good luck

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