Picking up my 420 box

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  1. Which local post office am I supposed to go to exactly?
    I bought some stuff over a month ago and without a doubt it must be somewhere as a unclaimed package. I've never had to do this before so I apologize for my ignorance. Usually a shipment would arrive the week I ordered it from any other website.

    Really unfortunate and won't be buying from this site again (due to such slow delivery), but I just want my package. How do I go about with only the printed receipt and tracking number?

    Shipping method - Standard International Mail
  2. If your order has come in and you weren't home to receive it the post man would have left a door knocker with the information as to where to pick it up and when.
    There's a good chance that it hasn't made it to you yet due to the holidays and the store being located in the Netherlands (I'm pretty sure that's where they are).

    Does your tracking number say where it is? Unless it says it has arrived to it location it's probably still in transition.
  3. contact one of the moderators or perhaps email the grasscity feedback email...

    this probably isn't the right place to ask this question
  4. Go to whatever provider (mail) and use the tracking number to find it, if still can't find it, call the mail people and bug them. Till they find Ur package for u:)

    And don't blame the site, untill u kno it was the site"s fault. Could have been cuz of holidays, weather, mishandle from airport to airport or person to person. I got my bongs in couple weeks no prob.

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