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Picking up before cell phones?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rj1, May 11, 2011.

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    How did all you seasoned tokers pick up bud before cell phones came out?

    There was no texting and everytime you would try to meet up somewhere there was no notification of how late someone was going to be.

    Im just wondering how it was done before

    Edit: I know about house phones, how has picking up from then to picking up now changed?
  2. Morse code. And before cars, they used carrier pigeons to drop off.
  3. Talk on aol and plan when And where to meet :)
  4. just chapped on dealers door!
  5. Well before I had a cell phone, I would just go over to their house.
    ...If they weren't there...I just came back later.
    Pretty simple.
    Plus theres been home phones for ages.
  6. well before cellphones there were beepers, and before you had alpha/numeric beepers and just had the regular old numberic beepers there were still ways to use codes/numbers to get messages across.

    So beepers helped alot, emails, or else it was just you called some one. Asked if you could swing through and talked out the details in person.
  7. Honestly, Have never used a cell phone to pick up.
    Not having one might play a role in that.
    Not interested in one either.
    And no,
    I will not share how I pick up because it is not related to your cell phone topic.
  8. How is that not related to the topic? The topic was Picking Up Before Cell Phones. Obviously you would know how to do that, since you don't have a cellphone. But instead you make a pointless post.
  9. mormon amish or menonite?
  10. Once upon a time, phones had cords. And wires. You could use them almost like a cell phone. Except you couldn't walk as far. Well that's not entirely true. You could walk as far but you wouldn't hear anything and would probably have to fix the wall when you got back.

    Back in the day, we rarely used the phone. Too easily tapped. Too many blabbermouths. Back in the day, I used weed for an income supplement. Never owned a phone. You could come by. But no dashing in and out. You had to hang for a few. You didn't bring anybody with you that we didn't know. If you didn't know everybody in the room, you kept your mouth shut and didn't mention weed. But as usual, we got too popular. Things got scary and we retired forever.
  11. We had these crazy things called house phones.... I know right??? A phone for your house??!?!

    Also, $20 and you'd have a bag full. It's not like you needed to buy very often.

    I was still fairly young when cell's became popular by the way =P

  12. ya i know about phones with cords, what im trying to ask i guess is how would you have picked up if the dealer really didnt let you into their house, but i guess that wouldnt matter if you didnt have to sneak around like i do.

    See i have two different dealers, one whos house i can go to and chill and pick up, and the other always meets me somewhere and drops of real quick.

    (referring to the second type of dealer) I guess back then you just had to take a chance and agree to meeting to a certain spot not accounting for lateness.

  13. i wish $20 still went a long way, in my area id be lucky if i got a straight 1.0g for a 20
  14. And, as they say...That was that.
  15. Thread solved in one page. Nice.

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