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Picking up a quad, I'm a noob, I need some help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dersz, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. #1 dersz, Jul 31, 2012
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    Okie doke, like I said in the title, I'm getting a quad! they're around 100 bucks and 7 grams where I am (in the Midwest) if that's normal. And I need your guyses help!

    Recently there have been loads of cops patrolling my neighborhood because of a serial burglar dude.. one of my friends was stopped 3 times in two days, for no reason. (and he's white!) sooo how can I pick this bad boy up, and not be caught. And shouldn't I go with a friend to get it? Should i keep it in a plastic bag? what time of day shall I get it.. And any other feedback/advice would be nice, keep cool guys and hopefully a cop doesn't read this
  2. i'm a cop. i'm tracing your ip right now to alert the officers in your area.
  3. dont be a little girl. walk up, get your a** in the car and have him drop you off a couple blocks down the road after the "transaction" has been complete.
  4. ^ You suck :p

    Ah, damn, somebody else posted. Okay, it's the guy 2 spaces above me lol. We're playing checkers. ......:smoking:

  5. :rolleyes:
  6. Your fine if your paranoid everything will be worse

  7. did this make anyone else lol? :smoke:

    and no way this kid is 18... or even 12 :rolleyes:
  8. Dude, your stuffs already bugged, they're already watching you.... Lol
  9. I'd say just drive over there and once u have it just lock it in your glove box or trunk. if its a random stop they won't be searching your car. or going threw the work to get a warrant for a locked glove box.

    but then again I get the sneaking feeling your about 15
  10. Even if he's 15.... not saying its cool he's on here BUT you can just say the car isn't in your name and you can't legally consent them to search it regardless if its in your parents name, they can't touch that shit without geting your parents involved which is a TON of work on their part.... just don't be stoned, don't have red eyes, dont have cotton mouth, dont act all skittishy, if they have no reason to search you then they'll just harass you for a bit. Enjoy that shit bro
  11. #12 Big Daddy M, Jul 31, 2012
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    Gtfo off grasscity little kid. No weed for a pussy like you

    No need to be disrespectful or call names - WW
  12. ^that's just mean I started smoking weed when i was 15, he has every right we do to the herb!!!!! Don't be dicks you were all there once yourselves....... like seriously I expected more from this community! Smoke all dayereyday and get good grades kid, no one can say a damn thing about you if your productive while doin it.

  13. Right on man...playing the age police gets old, the dude just wants some advice. But yeah OP, ur freaking out. Behave normally and try to get the bud home ASAP due to the increased police presence...u should be fine.

  14. I lol'd pretty hard right here :laughing:
  15. #16 t-fizz, Jul 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2012

    Im surprised you have so much rep.... Seem like a real dick if u ask me.. Weeds for everyone, Gtfo his thread if u dont like em... Didnt even do anything wrong. Hes askin for advice..

    I wish i could neg-rep.

    Edit: OP, You have nothing to worry about, Even if u got pulled over and had the bag in your pocket, the cop cant just demand to search you. i know it might seem sketchy, but u just have to know your rights and build confidence.

    That being said, Just have the dealer pick u up, drive u around the block or w/e, do the transaction, then just get dropped back off at ur place.
  16. Lol, i kind of feel him atcually. Youre no pussy for being safe, but trust me you wont get caugh. If you want just call him over, go to his place or meet in a caffe shop n go into the bathroom, i dont know. Its no big deal bro.
  17. This thread isn't constructive at all
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