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Picking up $50 worth of weed, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. The most i ever grabbed was a dub sack. I Have never picked up 50 bucks worth before and i had a few questions. Btw it is called blueberry sour diesel
    Anyways i feel like i would be wasting my money picking up so much.. Has anybody ever felt this way?
    And how many joints would it be able to make?
    And is it worth it?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. i feel like i waste money the less i buy. i try to throw down between $100-$120 at a time. buying in bulk is definitely worth it
  3. well a dub is 1.0 and if you got a good hook up you can get 3.5 for 50-60 so it's def worth it. more bang for your buck
  4. if hes giving you 3.5 for 50 then yeah...
    If not then its probablly gonna be the same price
  5. I usually get a quarter of some high quality that stuff that looks like its an ounce worth for $100. Or a half of some okay stuff for $90
  6. You'll probably get 2.5gs worth and maybe a little extra depending on the dealer. Buying in bulk (at least an eighth) will help get more weed for your buck, so how could you be wasting it if you're actually getting more? Just buy an eighth if you're gonna pay $50
  7. high skoo?
  8. Is an eigth worth $60?

  9. Generally youll get more extra thrown in the more you buy at one time. Cant really say how many J's youll get because I dont know what kind you roll. likely nearly 3 times as many as you get when you roll a dubs worth? I say its worth it most deff.
  10. Okay my dealer said he will hook me up with two dubs and a dime. Is this a good deal?
  11. I'm so glad I get a gram for every $10 I pay.
  12. [quote name='"Jeffersong808"']Okay my dealer said he will hook me up with two dubs and a dime. Is this a good deal?[/quote]

    So like 2.7ish then??? That blows haha...I usually get 4gs for $45 of some killer fire
  13. Just buy a oz and jar it and ur set for ur life time lol if 50 is alot.
  14. more weed at one time = price cuts. better deals, better feels. say you buy a gram at 20 a pop (just say!) and you buy say a quart at 100 (just say!) then one way your paying 20/g the other your payin 14.2/g (i think :/ someone check my math). As with the joints, depends on thickness, consistency and length.
  15. Two dubs and a dime should b right around 4g's. In which case it's def worth it. And as stated above buying in bulk equals more weed for your money. On what planet is a dub equal to a gram? Sounds like ur getting ripped off "urge"

  16. Not really depending where you live the price of an eighth 3.5 grams varies but it is usually $60 at the highest. Just ask him for an eighth if he wants more than $60 he's ripping you off.
  17. A $50 bag will make (10 Joints) As long as your buying $10 a Gram bud & not Dank bud because thats a whole different price and weight ballgame hope this helps op.
  18. Your Not Understanding


    Midgrade Weed (Mids)
    Half-O -$80-$100

    Dank Weed (Very High Quality bud sells for double the prices of Mids & Is more potent)

    See there's two different qualities of bud which are not the same at all. :smoke:
  19. if ur thowing out that kinda cash on this blueberry kush ur speakin about ur most likely gonna get robbed, lol holy shit 200+ post and the most uve picked up is a g?? this blunt is for u sir cause i am in shock:confused:
  20. hes not giving u any beter a deal for 2 dubs and a dime...thats still $50

    if he was giving you 3 dubs..that be good deal

    but blueberry haazee?????fuck yea get mme some to

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