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  1. alright so I am ordering my new seedstock; of which I will make my own. Here are the strains I have already ordered from Dr. Chronic: De Shaman-purple widow(purple)
    Mandala-Satori(nice high)
    KC Brains-Orig. Northern Lights
    (obvious reasons)

    There is no going back on that order, basically I am trying to aquire a broad spectrum of Indicas an Sativas; of superior quality(of course) so I can create my own endless supply of seeeds.
    The following will be from Attitude seed bank: Paradise: Belladona
    sometime in the near future.

    Barney's Farm: sweettooth &
    utopia haze

    Greenhouse: Hawaiin Snow &
    Great white shark

    Sensi Seeds: Skunk #1

    Nirvana: Ak-48 & white widow

    There are a few others I have excluded, my list was getting to extensive. The above order will be split between 2-3 orders; with a one week slag time.

    If you(exp. growers only) have any suggestions on strains that may suit my needs better, or strains that I forgot then let me know. im clearly not ordering the 100$ strains as I believe that is ridiculous. I want at least a few of them to breed true, im aware of crosses that have a vast difference in offspring characteristics. I want the full spectrum of highs from: eyes wide shut glued to the sofa------to high in the sky giggly brain storm.

    I am only willing(for right now)to spend this kind of loot once....and would like to only have to do it this once. There is clearly 3-4 hundred bucks worth of seeds...I want to get my moneys worth.
    Thanks for any advice or pertinant comments
  2. sounds like you picked out some pretty killer seeds. my only input would be to grow out about 10-15 of each strain pick your favorite phenotype and use that as a mother. cloning i find to be much more repeatable that growing from seed every time and while it may cost you a little more up front in the long run it will be cheaper and more efficient
  3. i see what your saying, and i have every intention of doing the cloning thing once i have enough room(which will be here in a few months). and for indoor and outdoor grows i can see how cloning is a good thing.
    i am also interested in creating some new cultivars.

    i am planning on utilizing the great outdoors, and having a shitload of seeds sure seems beneficial in that aspect.

    i know everyones views on certain strains vary, but there are a few strains that seem to get a universal "liking"+ grow well. these are the ones i want to aquire.

    the belladonna and utopia haze actually have me quite excited. ive been growing AutoFlowers due to limited space....and i like them, but im ready for that high you rarely come across in baggies.

    ive grown out skunk 1, K-2, shiskaberry, big bud northern lights....and none of them were as potent as some stuff ive come across in the past. the taste/smell was crazy good! but that is not my concern.

    thanks man.
  4. I have done two indoor grows with autos and my experience in that lowlife seeds are great. i grew out some Hindu Kushs last grow and it was the belle of the ball by far. soaring energetic high none of that couch potato stuff. i'm doing the kushes again this time and they had the best male/female ratio of the five with 8 out of 12. best of luck to you but i feel i should tell you that you can't really breed autos well. every generation will be less and less like the original f1 hybrid you started with.
  5. Don't get Skunk#1 from Sensi get that from flying Dutchman. Afropips Malawi gold and swazi redbeard. Seedsman Hashplant and Thai mama. Sensi hhindu kush,maple leaf indica, pure afgani.
    Keep'em burnin
  6. got the pure...mama thai....skunk1 from seedsman, and have more on the way. wiil post some pics of all real soon
  7. A personal favorite of mine is Hashplant. It's a pure indica that finishes in under 7 weeks if you get things dialed right. Due to it's higher CBD, and still plenty high THC content it really can pack a punch and grows quick and hearty.

    Also, obviously, really ideal for making your own hash. In addition I find it to have a very nice flower structure that makes for easy breaking up and rolling. I've also had it crossed with Haze and G13 and it added a lot of "Good Night" to them.
  8. got nirvanas bubblelicious....GHS sativa/indica mix C...an some freebies......2 more orders to go! attitude is coming thru...yet again.

    Hashplant sounds worthwhile, ive read good things about it.

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