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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by UprightMonkey, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Hello, I'm new to vaporizers but I've been smoking for about 21 years. I enjoy the act or ritual of smoking and my perfered method is a bong, followed by a blunt. I'd like to try vaporizers for the benefit of saving herb, smelling less, and being easier on the lungs. I don't like the idea of the "balloon" vaporizers, and am leaning towards a good desktop unit. I'm not very concerned with vaping outside in public.
    Which desktop vaporizers are the best rated as being easy to use, efficient, and reliable? The "whip" style looks to be the better choice for me. Although I'm concerned with spilling herb while attaching the whip. My budget is around $250.
    Another vaporizer I'm thinking about is the Bronze Sherlock from vaporgenie. Its only $90, and feels the most like you're "smoking" in terms of how its used. My concern with this one is needing a lighter, and how efficient it really is. Has anyone here used a vaporgenie and did it produce vapor easily? Compared to an electric powered vap, how do butane fueled vaps shape up?

    In your price range, a blemished SSV from 7th floor. They are nice and have the good heater angle. The best whip vape in its price range.
  3. The VaporGenie can produce HUGE vapor clouds.   With the VG, it's all about technique.   A bit of a learning curve that you need to get over.
    But for a 250 dollar home vape, I would either take Yosh's advice above or, if you already have some glass (bong or bubbler), get an LSV to mate to it and end up having 50 bucks left over to buy more weed and have one of the best tasting setups around.
    If efficiency is at the top of your priority list, check out the Underdog.    Nothing beats the efficiency of a good log vape like the UD.
    There are other good options out there, but the above would be my top 3 picks.

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