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  1. I went to my LCH yesterday to look at prices on vapes and see which might be my best option. And to be honest all the different brands confuse me, lol. From what they said and what I've read online, my best options would be the MFLB, Arizer Solo, or Pax.

    The Pax looks cool, but its too much for me. I didn't recognize the Solo in the store so I didn't get a price. They had MFLB marked at 130, and said they would do it for 100.

    So, between the MFLB and the Solo, what would you guys recommend for a first time vaper, who wants something easy and reliable to use, and that will be best for using with friends without giving them too much difficulty? The amount of counterfeit Launch Boxes sort of makes me uneasy, I'd hate to end up with a fake. Does anyone know what a Solo might go for at a LCH?
  2. Fuck that MFLB for $130 what a ripoff..get a solo off ebay for around $130 - it's an awesome little vape
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  4. Don't know why I wrote LCH lol, meant LHS ...

    The MFLB is marked for 130 but I'be shopped there often so they said they'd sell it for 100. Which is maybe a little more than it would be online?

    I'm not really trying to order online, though. Anyone recall seeing a price on the Solo in-store?
    100 dollars for an MFLB purchased at a brick and mortar is a good price.   Just make sure that the serial number isn't sanded off.
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    I would opt for the solo, I've used the solo numerous times with buddies and it worked out well. I find with the solo, the bowl size is smaller then the trench in the magic flight but the solo is more efficient in the vaporization of the herbs. We used one bowl split over three people... Needless to say, it did the job quite well without us having to change the load once ;)
    Edit: Oh and the taste, solo wins hands down. Texture and taste of the vapor are really nice, it goes down much smoother then the MFLB.
  7. I'd look to see if you can find one of those vapes online. You might get a better price.
    I'd go with the MFLB or the Solo, probably the Solo.
    The Solo is one of the biggest hitting portables, it's easy to use and maintain, and it's built like a tank. There's a video of a dude running over his with a car and then using it. The battery situation and set up on it is really it's only drawback. It can't be used while charging and the batteries eventually die, though they can be replaced.  There's a wall power adapter you can get for it, but it essentially just turns the solo into a desktop vape, it doesn't charge it.
    There are a ton of accessories for the Solo as well, both by Arizer and by other companies too. Though, the MFLB has a shit load of accessories as well. The MFLB Nano and Finishing grinders are fucking bomb. I don't even own a MFLB anymore but the grinders are awesome for any vape.
  8. Well, it's sounding more and more like the Solo is the one for me. The reliability, durability, and longer battery life are what I need.

    I'm still curious if anyone has any input on what the Solo should go for in a store, on average.
  9. You shouldn't pay more than $200 for it. I've seen it as low as $180.
  10. Okay. So what's the deal with there being so many vapes online for different prices? I've seen Solos for 130-229...how can there be such a big difference?
  11. Knockoffs, over chargers, extra fees, used, etc. Hard to say it's one reason or another.

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