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picking a strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by apapier12, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. sup guys, so over my brothers christmas break he is going to be sending some colorado medical back. he asked me what strains me and my friends want and im pretty clueless. me and my 3 friends are each getting an ounce and we'll all have different strains, so most likely we will trade like a quarter with each other so we all have some variety. im thinkin maybe an indica, a sativa, and a hybrid? what do you guys think? what are your favorite strains? what would you recommend? thanks guys!:hello:
  2. cmon guys haha
  3. You bumped after 5 minutes?
    Whats the rush?
    Christmas isn't for a month.
  4. I'd go for that, something like Northern Lights indica, OG Kush sativa, and a tasty hybrid or some special strain, like an ultra fruity or flavourful th
  5. Lemon kush

  6. What can i say? Im very anxious hahaha. Ive had alot of northern lights recently so i probs wont get that but im thinkin some kind of purp as an indica (are purps indica? Haha) but what are some good sativa strains?
  7. Banana Kush
  8. Sour diesel, Any type of Kush, and some HAZEEEEE...He's sending it to you guys in the mail from colorado?
  9. Make sure to get some kind of OG Kush.
  10. Send some to me, if you've done this before details shall be included haha
  11. OG Kush(hybrid)... any variety. You won't be dissapointed.
    Purple kush or black berry kush (Indica) you'll be sleeping like a baby.
    Sour D or Green Crack or Super Silver Haze(Sativa)

  12. yeah man hes got this system worked out. he helped his friend send some back to his hometown(which is close to mine)over thanksgiving and it worked perfectly. so his friends gonna help him do it over christmas. im pumped, he can send a quop per package so hes gonna send around a pound
  13. whaaaatttttttttttt, feel free to get me that connect haha
  14. where are you from?
  15. i be from the east coast
  16. Get some sort of blue, blue dream, blue cheese etc.
  17. East coast 413 413
  18. damn yo im in jersey, i was thinkin if you were closer to me you could pick some shit up haha

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