pickin up some mylar soon

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hitmanbob, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. and i'm wondering what a 'good' price is. i can get unlimited feet for $1.20 a foot for 48 in wide, 2mil or i can get 100 ft 1 mil by 56 in. for $51 dollars. should i go with the more durable film or just buy a lot of the skinny stuff?
  2. personally man i would't buy mylar, yea its like 95 percent reflective when you buy it but after it gets dirty or old it will loose luster, you would be better off buying some gloss white paint, i believe its like 85 or 90 percent reflective and if it gets dirty just wipe it down or repaine and im sure its alot cheeper and safer than going and buying mylar just my opinion
  3. i considered that, but that would mean i would have to have walls in my grow room.

    with an area thats 40'x30'x5', i cant do much for walls. the opening to this area is only 10"x30" i cant get much of anything into the area. I'm planning on having the flower area itself be 5 ft sq with draped mylar surrounding it. with a vegging chamber for clones and mother off to the side

    i've considered a lot of things, and come to the conclusion that mylar is the only thing suitable for this.

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