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Pickin' Strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MrSpliffy, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. #1 MrSpliffy, Nov 26, 2011
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    Aye GrassCity, What's up?

    (I hope this is the right thread, if not point me there boss)

    I'm trying to decide which strains I'd like to add to my collection (before the other), I'd like the help of my favorite community / person, (That's you guys / buddy) :wave:. So if you guys/gals could post up some pics/flicks of your favorite strains; And how it won such a title, that'd be effin' awesome.

    Also if you could leave some specs. w/ the pics, that'd be cool.

    My GrowRoom: 6' x 6' x 8' closet; 3' x 3' x 6.5' flowering tent, 3' x 2' x 5' veg tent

    My Supplies: Flower - 600w cool tube HPS, 400cfm inline, carbon filter. Veg - 150w HPS, 6" fan.

    My Concerns: Smell - If blowing the air out the attic through my carbon filter can't handle it, I'll wait; I live in a development. Yeild - I'm sure this a concern to many, I'd prefer to go with a heavier yeilder than lighter. Time - Also looking for a quicker rather than longer maturing plant.

    I feel a little torn right now, between CG GrandDaddyPurp and RP HeadBand. Which do you think I should go with? And why?
  2. Where you at blades? Lookin' for some help/pics.
  3. carbon filters just plain work, be sure your filter and fan are rated close to the same... if your fan's too low you wont pull the air well enough if its too high it can mess with the filter.

    as far as strains, figure out what effect you like... once you know what you like.. your all set....

    If this is your first grow, using bagseed makes sence... it will let you get the hang of your setup, and get things dialed in before you use seeds you pay for. (or clones).

    Also I have to ask why your veging with a hps instead of a MH bulb? they will grow, but its the incorrect light spectrum for the veg cycle.

    btw don't believe the bloom times listed on most seed companies for how long they will take to flower. The are selling a product and it behooves them to list the fastest posible time on the seed. I do searches for any strain I am thinking of going with, and look at the comments and diff pheno's.

    personally I'm using Afghani #1 and OG #18 and in the middle of adding grapegod and pinapple express to that mix. of those the afghani #1 finishes first and one pheno ties with the OG #18.

    In other words one pheno takes 7-8 weeks one takes over 9.. same seeds... same supplier...
  4. Yeah, I've just heard people say that their house was stinkin' up even with a carbon filter on.

    I have plenty of dank bag-seeds, that I intend to run first. I don't have access to clones; that's why I intend to find a fit mother. I'll grow out a couple of the seeds, choose my favorite between them and that'll be MOM.

    I've read that HPS is better than MH, through Veg and Flwr. Ed Rosenthal. . .

    That's what this thread was for, I'm "searching" for info from growers; looking for people that have grown them.

    Appreciate your time though.
  5. Next question. . .

    What do you see to be the best Day time smoke and the best Night time smoke?

    Im thinking: Day time; Headband. Night time; Grandaddy Purple.
  6. Yea Headband is a sativa dominant strain. So mos def fit for a daytime smoke. GDP is a really heavy indica so for me it's a night time. BUT some people do enjoy medicating with it any time of day for that really good body pain relieving effect. Along with people who need to medicate to actually eat.
    If you're trying to chose one to grow and vend, I'd go with the GDP. Indicas are easiest to grow is what i'm told. Also "purple" is widely popular. Headband is a big name, but based off my area (i live in san jose, ca) people live and breathe indica.

  7. Vegging with HPS is fine. MH is more optimal, but the difference in results in negligible in the end. Cost is a concern with a lot of people.
  8. I would keep away from buying other peoples clones. They useually have mildew problems. I got nothing but mildew from the clubs i went to. And ive never had any problems with that before going to them. Anyways, ive been trying alot of different strains. And my favorite daytime bud now is northern lights #5. Its not too stoney, dosnt make me want to sleep and doesnt make me all anxious. It relaxes me in an energetic way. Ive smoked kush's and haze's and most of them have some kind of negative qualitys to the high like anxiety/tiredness but this strain for me is like candy i could just keep smoking it and feel better and better
  9. usuckman - I don't buy other people's clones, not able to. I don't have any growin' buddies around here, or really anywhere. I'm on the eastcoast, pretty harsh around here. . . I have some silver bubble in stock right now, all sensi though. I'm thinking it's a sativa, or sativia dominant. More of a soaring high, like I'm floatin', or constant butterflies. Nice. . . NL #5 huh, I haven't had Northren Lights in long while. . . Over here though, there's no way of telling what strain is what. The dealers just throw a name on it that sounds good, get's most of em. Then when they claim they have some official medicinal the price inflates.

    Dirtysix - Right

    milkNcereal - Cool, that's what I thought. Yeah, I know people would go crazy over the GDP in my area, I've never had it. Sad to say. Never had Headband either, but I'm real anxious to get 'em, I'm goin' for a purple GDP pheno, for the MOM; And I'd like the pheno from the pic for the Headband, for my other mom. I'd be set.
  10. Are there any blades out there with GDP or HeadBand pics? Nugs or Plants. ? .

    I'd love to see 'em. . .
  11. Hey Blades what's up.

    Well today is the day, where I gotta decide what Strain(s) to run with. . . I know it's not important to you but I don't want to buy something I'll be dissappointed with. . .

    So can someone please throw some suggestions this way, and maybe a pic; if you got the time.
  12. Anything from Mr. Nice. Black Widow is the real original White Widow. And he makes some killer skunk strains.
  13. Oh yeah, Well that's cool. I like the originals. I mean I know most of the strains now are sittin in the teens and 20s, but I still like the originals.

    I was thinking DNA or RP, maybe CG.
  14. Fucking Incredible has been my favorite Indica to grow.... It's a 100% Indica but it has the most intense fruity smell you can imagine... Not to mention it's a great yielder. :D

  15. RP is solid, too.
  16. Awesome, big thanks to everybody that spoke up. Hopefully they'll be growin' soon.

    Watch for me.

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