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pickin out seeds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nolac, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. so ive googled and read that its illegal to have seeds shipped to the US. so what about seeds out of weed that i have. is it possible to get the seeds and grow them?
  2. Yes if you find any seeds in our bud you can grow them
  3. some of them in your bud will be "bad" seeds they are easy it pick out. They is broke different color to small w/e
  4. That's why you find yourself a reputable seedbank to order from. They ship seeds stealthy.
  5. wait its illegal in the u.s.? ohh wow i really should of looked more into that part lol good thing i moved and havent started growing yet but ya usually if u buy some reggie itll have seeds and if u cant tell wich ones are bad just germanize them all

  6. im not saying hes wrong but my friend got busted for that with the "stealth" shipping they offer ive ordered 5 bongs from grasscity and 3 of them got check by customs its risky
  7. so do YOU as a person get busted or do they just keep your stuff?
  8. They send you a letter stating they've collected what you've ordered.
  9. i just made a decent sized order from an online seed bank. they arrived untouched in 8 days. ;)
    if they don't arrive because of customs, they ship another order free of charge.
    these ppl got the right attitude about marijuana seeds.

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