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Picked up some shitty mids and love them.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. I bought 7 grams for $50. No visible trichomes, some red hairs.

    But I love it! One hit brought back memories of being a kid trying to be sneaky smoking in my room and whatnot. I love it.
  2. haha i find that if ive been smokin a lot of headies and my tolerance is up that mids get me high as shit the first few times i toke em.
    good stuff man
  3. Yeah, they're weak but one time I had some mids (pretty bad mids at that) and they got five daily smokers completely baked for three hours. You had to smoke a lot but it lasted a long-ass time!
  4. i can still get a pretty decent high off of swchag... it just take little more.. but i dont care wut i smoke unless it gets me high and has a decent taste...
  5. Sometimes we are all fooled byb Mjs appearance, but point is, Alph Im gkad you enjoyed it. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. Well not really, but I'm happy for a fellow blade.:wave:
  6. I don't care what people say, I FUCKIN LOVE MIDDIES. cheap and effective
  7. i like mids cause i can get them in bigger bulks and roll a ton of fat ass blunts out of them
  8. I smoked some good ass mids before that was covered with a ton of crystals, but it had several seeds in it (probably like 4/gram). I could not believe how good this weed was, w/ all the seeds, but I guess it was some homegrown.

  9. tru.dat:D
  10. hah i bought a q for 200 of mids and have been sitting on it all month and saving money until harvest fest. best way to smoke for a long time and not end up spending alot of money.

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