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Picked up some mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by markymark1973, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. I picked up a little over 12 grams of this for 50 bucks over the holidays. It had quite a few seeds but it was worth the money. It has a real sweet smell. Not bad for some outdoor commercial.

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  2. good quantity for a good price

    not all of us can afford to smoke exotic all day every day :)
  3. Yeah it does it's job :smoke: It gives you nice munchies. Me and my girl have been going at it like crazy since we got this. :D I like to call this good bed weed. ;)
  4. I'd cop 12 grams of that for $50 for sure.
  5. It's a shame this batch had so many seeds. It was worth 50 for 12.4 grams though. Gives you a decent head high and makes you goofy the first 30 mins. I do enjoy the munchies i get:D

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  6. Not bad 12 for 50 heh
  7. Yeah saving my last 5 bowls for all the good games and food this weekend.:cool:

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