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Picked up some headband

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by k-lent, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I just picked up two dubs of some headband, ive never tried it before. after i do my homework maybe ill give it a test run. also im super stoked cause fedex tracking says my da buddha is coming tomorrow. wooooo. its gonna be a good weekend.:smoking:




  2. Nice pickup, headband is the shit
  3. i hope so. i really want to try it but im forcing myself to study and take this hard ass online anthropology exam to get it over with.
  4. Headband is great! Nice pickup.
  5. I heart Headband.
  6. I've always wanted to try this strain, it always looks excellent. Nice pickup man, and after you finish that exam it will so good to get stoned.
  7. damn ive always wanted to try headband, looks fucking dank! and i dont think fedex ships on sunday haha sorry
  8. Looks Magically Delicious!
  9. man it is great. got my da buddha yesterday and had a couple sesh's with my friends. so fun. its 8:22 and i just woke up so i think its time for my first wake and vape.
  10. hell yeah man!! nice dank! i just wake and baked myself! im tore up! keep on tokin hard:smoke:
  11. smelling some dankage, that shit likes hella-nice! Get the homework done and test run it!
  12. nice lookin pickup
  13. wake and vape. ego waffles with whipped cream. and planet earth. i love my days off. happy sunday everyone.
  14. Beautiful buds....Im an NFL, breakfast guy on Sundays...but Im feelin the "even God took a day off" vibe.Even the weedman needs a day to sit around the crib in his Underoos (AquaMan, of course)
  15. How are u buying off the internet? Where do you live?
  16. i only got my vape off of the internet. not the weed. haha
  17. iv never actually picked up headband but i have smoked a bowl of a friends stash and let me tell u that stuff is a STRONG head high that will remind you what its like to smoke after a long T-break. haha have fun man, stay high :smoke:
  18. i just smoked my last bowl of headband :hello:

    was some dank shit
    looked identical to your pickup

    enjoy bro:wave:

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