Picked up some DOC.

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    This isn't something I've really heard lots about on the forums here, so I figured I'd make a lil' thread about it. I'll post pics when I have the means to; it's a little perforated strip, 2x4 (So eight hits, at 1mg each.) I enjoy tripping, but it's not my absolute favourite thing to do; I mainly picked it up because it's very rare and loooots of my friends love to trip their balls off.

    From the Erowid experiences, it looks pretty epic; there's only a few negative reports. The concept of tripping for nearly a day straight is pretty appealing to me; I'd like to go about one of my days off doing normal things I do (Well, poke smot and walk around with friends) whilst trippin'.

    Edit: Added picture. Expect a report sometime this week or weekend; not my own experience yet, but I have a friend who's dead-set on trying this. I didn't understand why the friend I picked it up from was so excited to tell me about it, but I think I'm beginning to understand now. o_oa

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  2. The most intense experiences of my life have been on 2.5-4mg of DOC (and that's saying quite a bit.)

    Your world's about to change forever, if it is in fact legit DOC. :)
  3. Lucky. Me want.

    How much did the tabs run you?
  4. The tabs were five bucks each. Each tab is ~1mg.
  5. DOC has been the most profound lifechanging experience I've come across.

    And that's saying a lot. Good vibes man
  6. trip repot please!
  7. Oh, most definitely. I just need a few days off work in a row to dedicate some time for this. I've got a few friends I'm planning on tripping with ^^... I'll definitely document it.
  8. Preemptive apologies for the double-post, but I couldn't resist bumping now that I nabbed a pic. Nothing too exciting (boring blotter paper~) but at least it's something!
  9. Looks nice, and 5 a tab is awesome, esp. considering it's like a day-long trip.
  10. How many are you going to take?
  11. If you can, try and do like 3mg
  12. MajorStoner: That's what I was thinking too! My dealer is a really close friend of mine, a really good guy all around. He's the only person I need to go to. Like... A drug... Wal-mart or something. Except a lot less shady than Wal-mart.

    Meursault: I'm a little dude (Well, over six feet, but 150lbs) so probably just one to begin with... I'm saving two for myself at one point though, as this sounds like the kinda stuff I WILL want to double drop at a campout rave/festival.
  13. Honestly, I don't think starting small with DOC is necessarily a good idea (which is the opposite of what I would say for almost any other drug.)

    3mg is the dose you want. No less and definitely no more. 3mg is the perfect DOC experience. 2mg would probably do you well also, but 1mg isn't going to. You're not going to get that same breakthrough of clarity where everything in your life makes sense that you would have with a higher dose.

    And I don't know about doing it at a rave. It's really not that type of drug, for me or for anyone I know who has done it. It's too intense for that sort of environment. You're going to want to sit and think most likely, not dance.
  14. You're gonna be all about the introspection. Do it in a calm and secluded environment
  15. How do you guys find the time to trip on DOx? Don't all of them last like 16-30 hours? I rarely have 16-30 hours I can be fucked up on haha. Envy <3

    Does DOC have the bodyload DOI does?

  16. Hahaha, same situation here bro!:smoking:
  17. When I've taken DOxs I've always awoke early, at around 6. Then I'd drop, smoke up and by the time my high came down the DOx would kick in.
  18. In my part of the world, we observe a custom called "weekends" in which you have 48 hours to do whatever you want.

    DOC has very little body load. That is to say, you can tell that it's there but you don't mind it at all.

  19. Yeah, but it sucks when you have to work multiple jobs, or have a full-time job that splits your days off. I'm very glad my work decided to start giving me weekends off!
  20. LOL +rep if I can

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