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Picked up some crazy mushrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by harissteeter, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. May I present the strain of mushroom: Golden Teacher


    7 grams exactly

    The big cap weighs .8
  2. eat em!! how many you gona take?
  3. From what i am told a gram of these will make me trip fairly hard. These are quite potent from what I hear, so im eating 3.5 grams.

    Saturday - wish me luck!

  4. Anyone know the species of golden teacher or what this appears to be? I don't quite know if its golden teacher anymore. I saw pictures of golden teacher and im not sure its one in the same.
  5. i wouldn't eat 3.5 at first. i'd say eat the big cap and a stem, wait and fin out
  6. i grow p.c. golden teachers, and they are not as potent as 3 - 4 grams IF you are an experienced tripper...if not eat two grams and youll fly :D
  7. Hell yeah, my guy grows Golden Teachers too, love em. Have fun with those.
  8. Yeah man an 8th is the perfect dose. Have fun man:hello::smoke:
  9. My friend and I are splitting it down the middle, and we're making mini pizza bagels for the shrooms. I love pizza bagels regardless, so its a good excuse to make his mom buy them. We'll be in the country with no chance of anything fucking up. Im psyched, I can't wait for saturday.

    There's a few of them with completely blue stems, and some half blue. God damn there must be a shit load of psilocybin in these. They must have been huge and then shrunk while drying to these little thin potent ones. My friend who isn't an experienced tripper said he ate one mushroom and had a pretty strong body high with no visuals. One of these weighs in at .2ish.

    I'm going to eat 1.7, and then wait an hour and see if I even need the other 1.7.
  10. You realize the blue is just natural bruising after contact to them.
  11. I love mushrooms. I doubt I'll ever forget my second most recent (and possibly hardest) trip. Was up for 4 days already (A mixture of tina and coke) without eating. Decided to eat a quarter of mushrooms. Got the whole 'coming home' feeling within 15 minutes and by the 20 minute point I was in a full fleged 'omg' mushroom trip. Full out visuals and mindfuck, it was intense.
  12. [​IMG]

    There has to be atleast 70 mushrooms on those pieces of paper. I got these funky mushrooms for 55 dollars. 7.2 grams when I used the tray and 7.4 grams when I used a paper cup. Not sure which number to believe, but its slightly more than 7.
  13. damn man i just nutted have fun eat 5 grams
  14. damn....I'd probably eat around 2.5 grams if those were in my possession. Then again I haven't tripped THAT much so maybe more like 3.5 grams if you're experienced.
  15. blue coloring is a spent psilocybin. you want them to have very little bruising. golden teacher are a good strain though. any fellow mycohobbiests in these forums?
  16. really?
    i thought i remembered someone posting about shrooms a while ago and people said blue was good?
  17. can u OD on shroomz ...

    i am jus curious i dont do shrooms i stay clean n green
  18. It is quite possible to Overdose on psilocybin. It is a poison afterall. I'm going to eat 1.2 grams at a time. I get about 3.7 grams of that. Some of the caps are closed but I'd have to get a close up since they're so small. They are dank looking mushrooms, and im sure im in for the ride of a lifetime :D
  19. Dude my first time mushing I ate a full glass worth it was tight, disgusting though mixed with cake and milk and all sloppy and harsh texture.... but I was totally tripped out!
  20. when the mushroom bruises, psilocybin oxidizes, which results in the blue coloring, much like copper when exposed to saline solution for a long time. example: the statue of liberty

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