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Picked up new buds, help IDing please?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by darthmario, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Okay so my buddy and I yesterday went to pick up some buds from our guy. He told us he had some new stuff that "he thinks may be some really good shit," but it, "has [him] stumped." He told us that he doesn't think it's fully cured, and we agree because it feels like it's not. He let us smell the jar he had it in, and it was baffling. I have never smelled buds that smelled like this. It was a spicy, peppery smell. Looking at it, it's covered in hairs and has crystals, but has these white spots throughout. I'm thoroughly stumped. We decided to try it out and smoked some in the hookah, as well as a j of it. We didn't really feel high though, so we decided to try to let it cure for about a week. They are also SEEDLESS just to let you know, as there are some white spots in the buds that look like seeds in the pictures, but aren't. If anyone could help me out with this, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

    These are three of the buds. The lighting makes it look brown and dark but it's actually just more of a dark green.

    One of the buds

    The three

    A better shot of the hairs

    Thanks guys

  2. The white stuff is Mold :( Hope you didnt invest much money into it.
  3. i wouldnt touch that shit
  4. Definitely a bit of mold there. The speckles.
  5. lol looks like those legal bud concoctions. Idk man that is off looking herb. I have never grown so I can't really tell what uncured bud looks like or nuthin but yeah white spots could be mold and that thing has many leaves on it.
  6. old, moldy marijuana...may have been good at one time, but now its disgusting. Must have not been properly stored or something. How much did it cost and for how many grams? Don't smoke it though
  7. If you smoked that, you should go see your doctor. Smoking moldy bud can cause incurable lung infections.
  8. thats nasty, you prolly shouldnt smoke anymore of that.
  9. thats gross man
  10. Looks like shake leaves..
  11. That isn't cannabis.
  12. Honestly to me , it looks like moldy , legal bud. Either way NOT good at all.
  13. Where are the crystals you speak of? Looks like wet leaves packed together...ew.
  14. Definitely doesn't look like cannabis. I think you got ripped bro. :(

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