Picked up my clones today!

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  1. I picked up my clones for my first grow ever, today :hello:

    I've got Super Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, Northern Lights X Lemon, and Kush.

    I've got them under 6 26W CFL's, with a fan blowing gently across the plants. I'll keep the light about 2" from the plants. I plan on having 4 plants each between clones, vegging, and flowering, for a perpetual harvest.

    First grow will be soil but am hoping to have a hydroponics system set up for next grow.

    Flowering space is about 3'X3' and will probably use either a 400 or 600 watt HPS light (heat will be an issue).

    Few quick questions:
    How early can I take clones?
    I was told to just use straight water in the beginning, no nutrients. When do I know when to start adding nutrients to the water?
    Lastly, whats the ideal temp and RH for vegging?

    Thanks guys, I've got a lot more reading ahead of me :smoking:

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  2. Since they are in soil you can probably wait 2 weeks or so until you really need to add anything. Wait until they have a good 3 nodes set up and working on number 4 before you start them on anything. Start slow, ramp it up into flowering, and then taper off around week 3 or so of flowering.
  3. lookin good..try and get rid of those cups...the roots dont like light. even if you just cover them. clear cup dont work.
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    I think I might as well transfer them to some 3 gallon pots tomorrow. Can't hurt anything right? I'm thinking two 26w CFLs over each plant, with a few hanging inbetween the four plants. All the lights are rated at 6500K. Should this be enough light for vegging?
  5. You can transplant if you want. Be careful with the roots.

    And yes, that will be enough light until they are 6" to 8" tall.
  6. This is a great thread. I've got a very similar setup I'll be starting with next week, but with two clones, and I had the room figured out I just hadn't figured out exactly "what to do" with the clones once I got them - so this was all super useful, thanks everybody. Like alonewolf said - still a shitload of reading to do, but I'm digging it.

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