Picked up just under half o of white widow

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  1. Had a hit in the car, and it was good. i know when i smoke a bowl or two i will be ripped..this isnt my usual dealer, its off my mates dealer who usually has crazy shit. cant wait to smoke this shitttt :smoke: what do u guys think of it compared to other strains?
  2. Pics or gtfo
  3. ill upload some later..you guys can be the judge. we a bud up and there was SO much keif in the bud section of my grinder lol

    Anyways if its not white widow, regaurdless its good shit, i have a bit of a tolerance but when i hit something and i can feel a euphoric happy buzz for like 20+ minutes then i know its good shit xD
  4. i never understand why people grind good bud even if it has a keif collector.
  5. Why not? if u just pick it apart all the keif collects on your fingers
    what do you prefer to do?


    almiost funny.....
  7. I personally prefer to break it up by hand. If i'm rolling a joint, of course I'll use my grinder. But for everything else, I really enjoy breaking it up with my hands. You can get that initial smell when you crack it open. Then stare at all the trichs that are on your bud. Pack the bowl, Then lick your fingers at the end :yummy:
  8. hm true, i do love to break apart the weed. but i also just grind it up in my space case, open it up and intake all the beautiful odors which are emitted..use all my keif in a bowl at a later date :D

    would licking ur fingers do anything/ wouldnt u rather save that keif for another time :p
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  10. And sniffing your bud when grinding or breaking up is better for your high. You inhale alot of terpenes :)

    Pics OP :)
  11. just sneaking out wit my bro to smoke this stuff. ill defs take some good macro pics ..i love buds and their beauty
  12. Until you provide proof, I am going to say that sniffing terpines does absolutely nothing for your high. You could bring a sober person into a grow room and have them inhale all the terpines they wanted and they would never get high.

  13. I think he means the terpenes enhance the high from the thc when you smoke, not that they give you a high by themselves alone
  14. ^Exactly. How can you read "is better for your high" as "Yo, terpenes will get you fucked up bro".

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    Huge pics sorry..im on fone. Theres a bit of purple in there idk lol rrally crystally. Its not as light as the pic makes it out i think ..i smoked two decent cones but i was in ny car and i got paranoid
    lol. Before i went out n sat on my car key making the horn go off so i went inside then waited n came back out. Idk just got paranoid in the dead silence of my car but hearing noises fron the car lol
    yay 420'th post lol
    -4:20pm Server time B-)

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  16. nice buds!

    cool 420th post man as well man.
  17. Yeah does look tasty, but I don't like to use a grinder because it totally takes away from the taste. Your either going to smoke the kief on the bud or not, your not "saving" or producing anything different when you grind bud. Yeah it's cool to have keif but not at the expense of my flavor.

    nice looking buds :)
  18. Looks good, they look hella dense too.
  19. Decent looking nugs man, Phones don't do em proper justice, Im a camera phone user so I aint hating, Id love to see some macros and shit all up in the Stash jar area :smoke:

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