Picked up first bong

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  1. Got it for 45 bucks at my lhs pretty thick glass, have yet to try it out.
  2. Thats whats up, very nice lil bong you got there
  3. sweet little stemless
  4. Just gave it a quick try with a bowl and love it.. Very smooth even without any ice in there, i can imagine ice will make a big difference.. A lot better than my dry piece spoon haha.
  5. Man I wish that was my first piece hahah

  6. I do have another spoon, but this is my first piece using water :D.
  7. That looks awesome for $45!
  8. Me likey. What brand is that?
  9. Nice Piece!

  10. Equilibrium, it's locally blown and they provide the head shop I go to with a lot of other great pieces.
  11. If you dont mind me asking, wheres local to you? I wanna check these guys out
  12. ah i'm from dallas man :\, if you ever come here though check out PPV, pipes papes and vapes. They carry some of this equilibrium glass.
  13. smoked my boys bong for the first time a hitman it is a champ only for oil i can't complain about the hitman pieces [​IMG]
  14. you got hooked up honestly. ive gotten 75$ bongs and yours still wins.
  15. cant beat that price dude

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