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picked up an ounce of some weird bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ranarr, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. So I got this ounce from my boy who I've bought alot from in the past, he said it was called "Gilligan's Gold" which sounds made up but idgaf. Anyway, in the car my boy and his friend were talking it up like MAD, and telling me about it and shit. Paid $380 for it, and I live in northern VA, dank usually runs 400-450/zone around here so that was straight. The only problem was it had seeds. Not just a few, but TONS.

    If I were to guess, there were probably 100-120 seeds in the ounce, wouldn't be surprised if there was more. Normally I'd be pissed, and I honestly tried to hate on the bud but it was dank as fuck, bright colored sativa, outdoor grown I'm guessing (explains the seeds).

    What do you guys think, can bud be "dank" if it is loaded with seeds? Anyone had bud like this?
  2. Yes seeded bud can be just as good as sensi shit.
  3. It would help if you had pictures but if it has that many seeds than it sounds like mids at best.
  4. Well first off you need to keep all those seeds and sell them or grow them.

    Second it could definitely still be dank. It just would have been danker if there hadn't been seeds because seeds creation leads to lower thc levels.
  5. I've had some decent mids that was full of seeds, but never any dank. For me I usually don't classify it dank unless it is really potent, and looks good. Seeds ruin the looking good part for me, and it also makes the preparation take a little longer which is also a negative. Just save the seeds and start growing your own, or if you can't grow then give them to someone who will use them. If all else fails don't throw those away, go dump them in random places around town.
  6. Probably off a herm. or male plant?

    Seeds add weight though.... should have gotten a better deal probably.
  7. no for getting an ounce and getting over 100seeds is horrible ive never gotten more then 10seeds per ounce when i get any but if it some realy good fire i guess it could be okay mids.
  8. Lol same pic

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