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  1. I asked a few days ago if anyone had any experience with Royalty bongs, and no one really did, so i ended up just buying it yesterday to try it out on my own, and if it ended up not being that good, it was only $180 out the door.
    Also had to make a trip to the club to get some stuff to break it in and ended up picking up an 1/8 of sour diesel, gram of purple diesel, and a couple edibles

    anyways, its about 15" tall, 5mm thick, single 8 arm perc, 18 to 14 downstem diffuser, and best of all(really why i bought it), a recessed joint! I loved my nameless piece(made same factory as roor usa, but the line was discontinued about 5 years back) which also used a recessed joint, but i had let a friend borrow it, and he broke it. It origionally had a 18mm downstem, but he didnt have any 18mm diffusers short enough due to the shorter length required with the recessed joint, thats why its an 18 to 14mm diffuser, but I actually prefer this setup as it makes it look much more flush, and the downstem and bowl barely stick out of the tube, not to mention most of my bowls i have laying around the house are 14mm

    I was skeptical going with a brand I hadn't heard of(although i had read they were made by phire bongs), i am glad i decided to go with it! I rips amazing!! I actually greatly prefer this tube to my 14" LUX mini perc, as well as my previous German RooR's

    rock solid seal at the joint, thick glass, and a very solid glass surrounding the joint due to it being recessed, however most of their tubes use a standard joint and not a recessed one. i would HIGHLY recommend a Royalty tube. The glass appears to be of excellent quality and build, and a very smooth hit, that actually makes it my preffered piece. And i owned my share of quality glass, American RooR perc, German roor straight tubes, ADS perc, LUX perc, HVY, nameless, pure, and phx. The the glass doesnt appear to be as well made, there is one tiny blemish in the glass i noticed(the size of the tip of a ball point pen), but this is one of the smoothest, if not the smoothest bongs i have hit(minus a roor perc with vaporizer bowl using a heat gun)

    here are some pics, but sorry for the poor quality, it was with my phone. my girl is using my camera while she is visiting her friend in arizona. I should get some higher quality pics tonight or tomorrow

    anyways, just thought i would share my positive experience with this brand, and let me know what u guys think!!:smoking:

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  2. nice choice man..i have never seen a recessed joint like that before...very unique (or do i live under a rock?).

    im a big fan of the dome perc above the tree and i bet it milks smooth like butter, just bought my first double perc a couple days ago, 2 4 tree pers and diffused downstem w/ notches and love it
  3. Wait you said it was not that good then you said it was better than your LUX and RooR.de? :confused_2: looks nice though

  4. i very rarely see recessed joints either, and that the main reason i picked it up

    my first bong had one, the company was nameless, which was made in the same factories at the time by roor usa and sold thru dementia, but the label closed down like 5 years back, and i cant remember what brand replaced it

    this was my nameless on the right that had a recessed joint, but it isnt the best picture of it
  5. nice tube... looks pretty solid

  6. i meant in terms of the build quality due to the blemish on the glass(on the upper tube near an ice notch) that was inferior to the roor and lux, but the joint is the same quality as my lux and american and german roor

    but, the quality of the hit is superior to that of my lux and RooR's, and produces a much smoother hit than those

    thats what i meant to say

    looks(no blemishes on glass) = roor and lux
    hit quality = royalty
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    I was going to respond to your post yesterday, but I had not yet registered on here. You said exactly what I was going to tell you, the Royalty is the smoothest. I completely agree with you 100%.

    I just picked up a 7mm Royalty inline with two eight arm tree percs, splash guard and ice pinch about two weeks ago. Went back and got an integrated bowl a/c with a choke/carb the next day. It is hands down the smoothest piece I have ever used, and I know about ten other people that will back me up on that statement. I've had the pleasure of using a Lux mini and a few Phires (the Lux was my fav) but this thing is the best so far!

    Nice purchase by the way. Those recessed pieces are pretty handy, especially with clumsy friends.
  8. Looks like a solid piece, the perc looks decent.. 8 arms diffused... *thumbs up* bet there isn't much drag at all.
  9. I, too, must agree that the Royalty I purchased is my favorite tube. I picked up an 8 arm beaker bottom with custom diffuser, ice pinches, and splash guard, and it hits smoother than anything else I've used (Roor, Phyre, PHX, Lux, HiSi, MGW etc.), even far more expensive pieces. There is essentially ZERO drag and it's fucking gorgeous. Highly reccommend.

  10. interesting piece, considered an 8 arm beaker of royalty a while back but ended up opting for a HVY. well, looks like you got a fare deal- happy toking
  11. Very nice piece. Wish i had one of those myself!
  12. Congratulations!

    I bought my 14" beaker bottom ROYALTY four months ago. At the time I couldn't find anything on the brand, but the piece had 12mm (1/2") glass, a recessed joint, and was blemish free. The price was originally marked at $250 from the locally owned head shop, but he had it marked down to $180. Anyways, I picked it up and I love it! I have a 3 arm percolator attached to it and its super smooth.

    Congrats. :)
  13. looks nice
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    I have the same bong but as a beaker bottom i paid 175 otd, for it and a higher quality downstem I absolutely love it. It incredibly smooth and smokes really well. I just suggest running some alcohol or a solution through it after each use because the shower head can be a real bitch to get clean if you allow grime to build up at all. The first thing we smoked out of it was some Jack Herer


  15. Multiple users with near-zero post count posting about a brand of bong that I've never seen/heard of. I smell advertising. Could be wrong.

  16. No man I accidentally made a double post, I actually ran into this thread when I was looking to see if royalty had a website (they dont).

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