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Picked up a RooR & a Lux

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Phat-Toi, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. 24" black laber RooR and Lux Mini Beaker. 3 new slides too a Fro/Salt/ and unknown. They def look good in the family. Got the RooR for a daily driver, the Toro is a beast but i needed a single diffused chamber. 3 bottles of grunge off and 3 bundles of bee line

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  2. Sick piece.
    And always remember this: Thou shall not pack seeds in thy Toro. :)
  3. More like never pack seeds, never ever.

    Nice pick ups though. You should get some clearer pics of the slides to show of the SALT and Fro'ness of them. I like that mini lux just cause I have a love for minis....
  4. you just splurged your money...i just splurged in my pants :eek:
    sick bongs.
  5. Shit was worth it. I had to buy a good amount of stuff. Dont go there much and the shop showed me love ;)

    Fucking blazed off the RooR. Shit packs a punch. The lux is small smooth and i never knew a beaker could hold so much water
  6. dude o man you are so lucky. its so funny cause i planned out to have pretty much the same setup in fall. my plans were to get a 24 inch black label roor straightube(no lie) except with an ashcatcher. and than sell my roor i have now and get a roor mini perc beaker bottom. crazy similar taste:bongin:

  7. how much was the lux?
    i'm looking to get the exact same piece
    <------- would this budget be enough?

  8. yeah my friend got one for 240
  9. alright great :D


    nice glass, Phat

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