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Picked up a QP... of Schwag

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by demo420, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Picked up a QP of this shitty weed for $400... -_- if I smoke fat blunts and joints of it it's actually not too bad though I get pretty high for awhile. Before anyone says they would have spent the $400 on an oz of some good shit- so would I. It was a miscommunication and a very long story to how I got it... but ya here it is :confused:

    Imageshack - dscn0656i.jpg

    Imageshack - dscn0657b.jpg

    Imageshack - dscn0658l.jpg
  2. best schwag ive ever seen
    make edibles!!
  3. I'd say make edibles, qwiso, or hash out of that. It doesn't look that bad for schwag.

  4. Good idea, I think I'm going to make a lot of hash or something. Like I said it's decent to smoke, but it really makes me miss smoking my orange kush last week :(
  5. Yeah this isn't that bad. Make a whole variety of stuff you got a QP after all :smoke:.
  6. Lot better than some of the mids found here. :smoke:
  7. that's high pay for a qp of shwag.

  8. look at the pics though, thats the best schwag ive ever sen :)
  9. roll up some blunts then make some QWISO hash.

    and it coulda been worse.
  10. ^My thoughts exactly, location location location of course, and who you know comes into play, but you could probably find some decent ass mids that are sticky and shit for 100 a zip, less for a qp.

    But hey, smoke em if you got em, I'd make like a half ounce of hash from all that. or however much hash is there to be made
  11. It's pretty seedy, but than again what schwag isn't. Nice pick up, dude.
  12. Bitching about a QP of anything is a sin in my mind lol, enjoy it maybe make some brownies or oil
  13. the schwag around here is sooo much schwaggier.
  14. As suggested above, Id make some potent edibles and hash and make your money back =)

  15. Not a bad idea at all. I will be making QWISO hash for sure very shortly.
  16. Yeah roll a few blunts see how it is, id sell a little bit and then make nice amounts of edibles and chill since you got a Quad P

  17. Pictures of the process and resulting hash would be very appreciated.
  18. that is some dope ass shwag, we get shwag half the quality of that for about 240 a qp. so i would say nice deal bro.
  19. Star trapping that shit bro :cool:

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