Picked up a New Bubbler

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  1. I only had my spoon to smoke out of, and I wanted something a little bigger and wet! I saw this at the head shop and decided to pick it up. I loved all the fuming in it, so it will definitely turn colors nicely.

    I only have my Blackberry to take pictures with, so bear with me.

    In the picture of the front/bowl area, you can't see it very well, but it has a ton of fuming and acts as a mirror. It's pretty cool. :hello:

    It was 70 bones, which isn't that bad. Even if I over payed, I'm supporting a local shop and local glassblowers.

    After its first sesh we named it Mr. Bubblesworth. I have no idea how it ended up that, but it just stuck.

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  2. Looks pretty good, you should post picks after you get it rezed up so we can really see that fuming.

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