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Picked up a half of what looks to be some Herojuana *pics*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MrMoney, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Picked up a half of this dank for $130. It looks and tastes a lot like the herojuana I got from the club a while back.

    This is what's left of the half.


    Some macros.

  2. Wow man, a half for $130 is a steal in California. Looks delicious!
  3. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN son....i just paid 180 and got 14 grams of pure outdoor grown,monkey makin BEASTERS. epic Houston weed fail. props on the pickup
  4. damn those are some big ass nugs
  5. Not when you know the right people. I would bet there is more herb in Cali than any other state, if you know where to get it you can get fuckin great prices like that all the time.
  6. good looking herb right there!!
  7. i just paid $120 a quarter for sour headband....
    sooo let's not talk about prices. haha MO' FIRE

    that stuff looks dank.. and $130 is good price

    is that basically all of the 14g in the bag and on the table? looks more like 7-9 grams
  8. Yeah that pic only contains 11 grams or so. I didn't get to take a pic until a few days after I picked it up.

    Thanks for the replies everyone!:smoke:
  9. Thats wassup for 130 .
  10. looks like some bomb =]
  11. Thanks man, it definitely is!:bongin:
  12. This is my only good pic of my last herojuana pick up. You can sort of see the similarities.

    Both are very airy.

  13. wow.. thats some dankk ass nug man.. +rep to you good sir!
  14. very nice man those buds look proper.
  15. Thanks fellas, proper indeed.

    Here's some yay I picked up the other day as well.
  16. thats a nice bit of coke there but im pretty sure there are rules against posting pics about other drugs

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