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Picked up a half of some no name dank *macros*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MrMoney, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Just some good old Cali green. Got the half for $130, has me blown.:)

    There is a couple grams missing out of the bag because I got it a couple days ago and just got around to taking some pictures.



  2. i love it when the buds look like that. niceee :)
    i think i like bag pics with lots of bud rather than macro shots
  3. 130 for a half of that? That's some good lookin 130 dollar herb my friend :)

    Where can I get that in the midwest now? damn...
  4. you guys must get fat halves in cali, Cause i got just chye of an ounce the other day for 100 and it looks bout the same size as your baggy, and it weighed 26.2 when i got it. maybe i got dense buds or sumtin idk. but it was 26.2 on my dudemans scale and 26.0 on mine.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm definitely not complaining about the prices. I have good connection, this could easily go for 180-200.

    Getting ready to smoke one last bowl for the night. :wave:


  6. Damn that stuff looks great!!!
  7. Thanks man, it definitely is a good smoke!
  8. fat half oz!!
  9. Such a nice lookin half ounce at an even nicer price. Great pickup bro.
  10. I fuckin agree with everyone in here. 130 for what seems to be a fat half, that's a fine purchase my friend. I just bought a really stinkay half as well but mine ran 160. You're lucky man.
  11. wow. that shit looks awesome dude!

  12. agreed, that's a fine stash. you enjoy that!
  13. You know it's somethin when you have people from all over the country commenting on the quality and price of your herb. Some fine lookin bud there my friend. Paid more for shit that's looked worse before. Must have a very nice guy.
  14. Thanks guys! Like I said earlier, I'm really grateful for the prices I'm getting.

    Man, i was in the middle of smoking a bowl when my lighter ran out on me. Now I have to run to the gas station real quick for another Bic. :eek:

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