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picked up a half o of white widow

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jmoney_sikxx, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. for $200, unfortunately i have not had the chance to smoke any of it because i have a drug test coming up. but i do not think it will disappoint when i do get the chance to smoke it. the smell is very strong and im still learning how to use my new camera(any tips?) so the pictures arent that great.
  2. Nice, I like White Widow. I just recentley got some white widow and some purple widow. I think the white's a lil better.
  3. Only had WW once when my buddy from BC came home but we smoked it with bubble hash and it had me seeing stars.
  4. almost forgot the pictures

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  5. what the fuck. I know a "JMoney" in Lincoln. I used to live in L-Town. Nice looking buds man, that's some pretty decent prices for that kb. I bet you're not far from the source. ;) :smoke:
  6. Looks pretty dank to me. Good luck with the drug test.
  7. ya im actually from omaha but i plan on going to school in Lincoln next year but im worried about the weed there, ive heard its not very good, this true?

    and im sure the name thing is just a coicidence, kinda a popular nickname.
  8. thanks, im pretty sure the test will turn out ok, its been 3 weeks since my last bowl and i have been taking cranberry extract pills and drinkin a ton of water everyday- not smoking is way to boring tho, idk how people do it lol
  9. #9 White_Widow_Man, Jan 3, 2009
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    This is my ladies, 24 days into flowering.
    They are pure White Widow.
    Your bud looks tight, You grow it ?


    [FONT=&quot]I am a pathological liar.......And post only out of boredom!:smoke::smoke:[/FONT]

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  10. looks a lot like the white widow ive had b4 so i think thats good for both of us . :smoke:
  11. is that the whole half o?
    looks like an eighth:confused:
  12. i agree, unless those are dense ass nugs
  13. haha no that is the 8th i weighed out for myself. but no i did not grow this stuff its just from one of my hook ups
  14. That's the widow. Good find!
  15. Looks dank.

    If you want to get closer to those nugs there should be a macro button or menu on any relatively good camera to do that.
  16. yep thats sum dank ass white widow i miss that strain nobosy round here grows it nemore its all white rhino now but yes looks dank and 200 for half o aint that bad i normally pay 175 but if its dank who cares.
  17. not white widow .. ur dealer is shitting u

  18. Dude you got ripped offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff he rode you like a three legged donkey yelling and slappin your ass screaming yaaahh boyyyy yahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  19. nice bud bro.
    sick ass game on the table:
    whats your gamertag
  20. still JVB, send me a friend request and ill def. play with you.

    and to those saying i got ripped off are you talking about quality or quantity wise? because he weighed it out in front of me, and im almost positive this is white widow becuase i have gotten alot of named strains from this guy: mr. nice, blueberry, mango kush, etc.

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