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Picked up a gram of some no name dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Hercules, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. so i picked up a gram of some dank yesterday. he didnt know what strain it was but it smells fruity in my opinion but who knows :confused:




    my keif collection so far. my grinder is only a week old :smoke:
  2. looks nice, what does a gram run you?
  3. $20 for dank
  4. I guess i can understand $15 for a gram but $20 is kinda pushing it
  5. all about where you're from man. all dank around where i'm at is $20 a g and $60 an 8th.

  6. exactly. i live in TN and ive never paid anything less than $20 a gram and $60 an 8th for dank.
    if my dealer or one of my friends gets some kush or something then i might pay a little more.
  7. Ouch here i pay 20/3g 25/3.5g and 50/7g. 20$ a gram is hella expensive :X I would not live where u are :p Nice buds tho, how the hell can a dealer not know what hes selling :S hehe
  8. wow i would get 3g/dub all day
  9. haha damn dude i wish the prices were like that here.

    yeah thats what im saying! i asked him what it was called and he said he didnt know so i just left it at that :rolleyes:.

    its good shit though :smoking:
  10. Yeah haha as long as it give u the right high, just always nice to know what your smoking, your dealer wasnt cool on that one :p but yeah noname dank means nothing, works pretty good :)
  11. i know what you mean man. for some reason i love to know the name of the weed im smoking. im probably not the only one :p
  12. 25/eighth is mids, anywhere.
  13. i think hes talking about dank prices.
  14. I see you're using a sharpstone.... be careful! You never know if it could add metal shavings to your precious kief collection!! Nice dank, btw!
  15. looks mMmmm good!
  16. No matter where you go I guarantee you that that is not the usual price for dank. Maybe if you have a great connect or buy in bulk, but unless that's mids I know that no one in any location in the US would sell it to everyone that cheap. Imagine what mids would have to cost

  17. haha believe me ive been making sure theres no metal shavings. i dont want anything contaminating my precious keif :D
  18. Yeah man sorry your right, there was a misunderstanding :S I buy the weed from a friend of mine and they are indeed mids.. No wonder why i thought it was cheap for dank haha, been smoking for around 3-4 years now, so im still a beginner when it comes to qualities, but dunno thought that since it was from a close friend of mine that it would be the good shit, looks like hes not that good of a friend :p

    Again sorry for the misunderstanding guys.

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