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Picked up a 30 of papaya

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by smokemanybowls, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Ive heard of this strain once before in renton wa its really really good and was wondering if anyone else has had some before possibly if your from seattle or anything

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  2. So that should be 1.5 grams? ( if its chronic, idk what the hell papaya is ) It looks a lil slack to me, more like 1.1
  3. that doesnt look like anything i'd pay 30 dollars for..
  4. thats what im sayin. If its chronic bein sold to a normal person, 1.5 would be 30 dollars if it was 20 a g. But its not even a gram I dont think. lol oh well

    still some aightt lookin bud tho, rip it in bong hits!
  5. really whack
  6. Doesn't look like a good deal man... Can't really tell from pictures but it doesn't look good period.
  7. papaya? isnt that some fruit?
  8. All sorts o' stems and leaves. I'd say roll that shit up into a blunt and smoke it all down in one sitting :D
  9. looks gross ahah.....roll it up light it up and smoke it up there
  10. the so called "papaya" looks like some brick lol
  11. haha damn man that sucks.. ive had some papaya that was dank as shit, that just looks like some beasters
  12. i live around the seattle area and i never get anything like that haha
  13. ive heard of papaya and i heard that it is a tough plant to grow and get good results with. on that note, i believe that that is some papaya just poorly grown, trimmed etc etc. enjoy it anyways though and prolly dont spend more than 20 on somethin that size again. thanks for posting this though i now know not to order papaya seeds
  14. Nice pics.
  15. looks dank man.. and I can tell its a little pyramid of weed in your hand right? not just buds next to eachother..stacked in the middle a little. Anyways, plus rep on the papaya.
  16. not sure if I'd smoke that personally
  17. This is what the Papaya I used to grab looked like. It smelled and tasted like mangos and papaya. You know if it's legit from the smell right away. These came from a little grow he had awhile back.

  18. Id say yes to this definetly! Looks like some half cured half trimmed beaster bud, we know that all to well in Washington state its EVERYWHERE and cheap as fuck. Could be dank cant tell from such a small pic.
  19. i got some papaya last couple of weeks ago and my papaya was more light green in frosty.

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