Picked up 20 OC20's [pic]

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MrMoney, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. So I get a call from my connect today saying he has 20's for $7 a piece. Even though I still have like 25 15mg Roxis and hella morphine, you can never have too much and the price was right.

    So I ended up getting 20 of them for $140 total. Not bad at all.

    My camera died after that one picture. I'll get some more up later along with the rest of the Roxis.


    Hope you Pandorians are having as good a night as I am![​IMG]
  2. fuckin sweet man. enjoy!

    Enjoy them things.
  4. Very nice, I had dudes trying to sell me 10's for $15 each.. Supply and demand. :cool:
  5. I just paid 20$ for 30mg of hydrocodone....:mad: fucking hood ass supply and demand.
  6. I just have to ask for myself, is that a Tv tray table that those are on?
  7. Thanks you guys, this guys prices are always bomb. Nodding so hard....and no thats not a tv table. lol
  8. haha im doing those this weekend
  9. Damnnnn dude! Enjoy those babys haha.
  10. Those look yummy. Have fun with them.
  11. nice, i got some bomb dope the other day, and the dude threw in a free 60, love the crimson red color of those.

    Have fun with them man. I know you will.
  12. you are one lucky S.O.B. :wave:
  13. Haha thanks fellas! I'm definitely enjoying these lil guys!
  14. Once again, reason for the ending of my streak! They look delicious tho. :wave:

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