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Which would you rather smoke?

  1. Trainwreck

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  2. Northern Lights #5

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  3. Blueberry (organic)

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  4. Redeye

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  5. Jack Herer x. Haze

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  6. Bullrider x G 13

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  7. 50/50

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  8. P91

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  9. Jack Herer

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  10. Kush

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  1. Okay here we have a nice pic of



    (starting from the finger in the top left and going clockwise kindof)

    Trainwreck (from Humboldt)
    Northern Lights #5 (friends plant)
    Two Bags of Blue Berry (totally organic; friends plant)
    Redeye (from LA)
    Jack Herer x. Haze (from San Diego)
    Bull Rider x. G13 (from San Diego)
    Nor Cal Med
    50/50 (half haze half something else) (from LA)
    P91 (from San Diego)
    Jack Herer (san diego)
    Kush (LA)

    tell me what you guys think

    if you want any detailed pics of individual strains just ask before i smoke the last of em LOL

    btw, these are my superbombs not my regs, you should see the regs they are great; oh here is a pic of those


    have fun guys hit me with any comments/ or questions

    *****edited now on Monday********

    Here are the close shots guys as best as I could get em

    I'm thinking about getting a macro lens for a good camera; this is just a 5 year old digital. not the best anymore

    tell me what you think you guys.










  2. the blue berry looks good!
  3. nice weed you got there man. dude that would be cool if you posted a closeup of all those strains
  4. take ya weed out of the baggies n take pics man
  5. Nice pics :) If I was a James Bond villain dude, I'd definitely be Weed Finger.....
  6. if you took closeups of all the strains, this thread would be pretty awesome

    the p91 looks pretty frosted from what i cant see..
  7. you are a lucky lucky man..
  8. check back tomorrow and ill post closeups as many as possible as good as a 1.7 megapix can :0

    thanks for the comments guys check back
  9. dude those aren't any closer....nice buds though man...post them in the forum id like that more!
  10. dude, those are 10x closer.
  11. yea nice weed man. i now change my vote to the jack herer haze. that looks mighty tasty. thanks for posting the pics
  12. the blueberry was totally organic and smelled more like actual blueberry pancakes than any blue i have ever smoked

    the jack herer was bomb but the jack here x. haze was better

    the trainwreck is on the constant hook from humboldt and everyone loves it; chokes well

    the kush is for sure my all time favorite i have always called it "crack in the form of chron"

    the p91 was built up by my friends and kind of let me down but was good and

    the NL #5 incredible high
  13. I choose Blueberry Bud but it could have been n e ov them cause there all nice buds in there own unique way. If i had all them buds ill put in a bit ov all of them and smoke it in a blunt. See how spaced out ull b then dude :)
  14. i will always be a loyal fan to southern cali, and smoke the kush
  15. I'd definitely go with the Blueberry. That bud looked mighty fine.... On of my friend's cousins just got back from India with some Orange Kush and he said he'd smoke me down with a fat nug. I can't wait!
  16. all these buds are makin my mouth water...... :)
  17. LOL, A LOT OF THOSE TREES LOOK LIKE THE SAME KINDA WEED... the 1st 2 are diff. but all the rest like the 50/50--redeye-blueberry-ext ext... maybe im wrong but its weird they all look similar except a few
  18. the blueberry looks mighty tasty...:D

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